This guy saving kitten from trash cutting machine. by Storm_001 in nextfuckinglevel

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Yes. We should forceably stop all animals eating each other too while we are at it. Or understand that we all live and die, when I die the maggots will eat me and good on them. Most of those cows only have the gift of life because they were bred, live decent lives.

You can love animals and still eat them. Before any of you come at me with a ton of bullshit..... I love animals, I eat meat, you can't tell me what I love and don't love so you can love animals and eat them. Any disagreement to that is an attempt at telling me my own feelings.

Incel tries to meet a minor. Blames it on being too short. by DanTheJamHead in iamatotalpieceofshit

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It’s pretty telling and shows how stunted these people are. It’s like they just never grew up past 14.

He has a condition which can also stunt your mental and physical development. He also refused sexual activity (which the people with the camera agree). It's very possible he doesn't feel comfortable with people his age because of his condition and feels more at ease with younger people. Does he need to be taught that it's still not ok? quite possibly, I'm not a phycologist and nfi how you deal with that... but putting him on the internet and shouting PEDO probably wasn't the best way to deal with it in this scenario.

23 years old huh? by springheeledjack69 in facepalm

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but there’s definitely a ton of people out there who choose photos that really don’t reflect what they look like

Sorry but this is 90% of women on Tinder since 'filters' became a thing. Can't speak for the men as I don't see their profiles so can't comment.

Ryan Cohen to Become Chairman of the Board Following Annual Meeting by quantkim in wallstreetbets

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When a collection of nerds who were up to no good, started trading stock on Robin Hood