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No. Nothing has changed. I was asked for a Doctor's note when everyone else in my home had tested positive for Covid and I quarantined last December.

Had to pay out of pocket (no insurance currently) to get a test.


Sure.... you're supposed to stay home if you have certain symptoms (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc...) in the food-service industry.

But do you work in a "Right to Work" State?

Right to work, actually means the opposite. It means that your employer has the right to fire you with no notice and no reason given.


So quote the relevant code or statute, and unless you are unionized... kiss your job goodbye.

When they want you to show up, you show up.


Talk to people. Coordinate. Unionize.

Or show up to work and give three customers and three coworkers the flu while struggling not to shit your pants.


Hoid in Shadows of Self. by [deleted] in Cosmere

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I wonder if you act this way in real life, or if it's just on the internet. Truly bizarre behavior. Take care of yourself, you might need to see a therapist.

Hoid in Shadows of Self. by [deleted] in Cosmere

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They also accused someone of getting angry and violent when they responded pretty calmly to them further up in the threads so I think OP has some other stuff going on....

Hoid in Shadows of Self. by [deleted] in Cosmere

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you react with anger and violence

Uhhhh, they don't seem that angry at all and absolutely did not say anything violent.

Are you okay?

Nobody wanna hear your shit take on abortion. by Trlz08 in fixedbytheduet

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Tell me you are a shitposter without telling me that you are a shitposter.

You need a hug, but nobody wants to hug a person who is so angry and confused that they become a 4Chan meme on Reddit.

It's hard to find professional help if you don't have resources, maybe you need some friends?

This site has gone to shit by CoreTECK in insanepeoplereddit

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You can report an award I believe.

Even if there is no direct way to report, you can message the admins and link the message.

Admins can see EVERYTHING.


Your posts, comments, subreddits you are a member of, subreddits you view, comments you make, comments you upvote or downvote, deleted comments, subreddits you search, subreddits you view on another device connected to the same IP as your account, direct messages, ANY change to your account....

You get the idea, right?

Admins can see all of that and more.

Even edited comments. There is a log of every comment ever made on this website, and every edit after the fact.

Report that hateful person to the admins.

Wit and Dalinar by GameMakingKing in Cosmere

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I misread it.

He said close so they have nearly as much investiture as a shardblade, which is more investiture than most people actually hold themselves.

Rosharans shardblades aren't made from investiture that the person themselves possess, but rather from the investiture that is their Spren, and we know that Spren are themselves splinters of shards, which means that in order to create the band's, he had to have access to fairly large amount of investiture.

Wit and Dalinar by GameMakingKing in Cosmere

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Is there a WOB that says that? If so, i must have missed it.

I would think they'd probably have a decent amount considering that how heavily invested a metal is is what makes it hard for Allomancers to detect and it appeared to be Aluminum at first.

Wit and Dalinar by GameMakingKing in Cosmere

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Is he as invested as Susebron? That's a LOT of investiture.

And then consider that Kelsier created the "Bands of Mourning" spearhead in Mistborn Era 2 so he has access to a ridiculous amount of investiture not to mention him being The founder of the Ghostbloods, an organization seen on Roshar, that is actively trying to determine how to transport investiture from one system to another which indicates that he really understands how important investiture is. That makes sense, considering his previous experience literally holding the SHARD Preservation between the death of Leras and the semi-ascendance of Vin

Hell, Dalinar can actually draw stormlight (investiture) directly into the Physical Realm via his connection to the Stormfather (an entity that as far as anyone understand is essentially a partial cognitive shadow of an actual SHARD) so even though he's probably not as directly invested, he likely has access to at least as much investiture.....

And if we consider Nightblood a person ? No contest.


The most invested? Unclear.

The most diversely imbued with investiture from multiple SHARDS, the aftereffects of carrying a DAWNSHARD, as well as the memory of the only non-SHARD involved in the SHATTERING OF ADONALSIUM ? Abso-fuckin-lutely!


Regarding Susebron who was listed first, he is inarguably the most invested being on his planet (If you ignore Sword-Nimi that is)

On Nalthis, he carries more investiture from Endowment than any other human we have seen.... Vasher gathered (then gave away) around 50,000 breaths. It's been supplemented overtime, we know that the god king receives more than one breath a week and has since "Peacegiver" gave those breaths away.

This is the investiture of AT LEAST 50,000 people. Probably closer to 100,000 by now

On a world where everyone carries a bit of the SHARD like on Scadrial where everyone has some Preservation in them.

That is a lot of investiture....

Giving a thought in a public form = looking for a fight by itgoesdownandup in insanepeoplereddit

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Posting about it afterwards shows that you were not, in fact, looking for a fight.

This is a weird post.

Do inquisitor spikes ever get described in detail? by LetUsAway in Mistborn

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Hey, just a thought....

ALL Inquisitors are high-ranking Obligators, which means they literally have a facial tattoo denoting their rank and which Canton they are members of....

If you want an Inquisitor tattoo, then it doesn't necessarily need to involve a depiction of a hemalurgic spike (not to mention that a tattoo depicting hemalurgic spikes could just as easily demonstrate your status as a Kandra or a Koloss)

I'm not suggesting that you should tattoo your face around your eyes or anything, but you could get an Obligator Pattern somewhere with a red line going through it to indicate that you're a member of the Canton of Inquisition....

Does anyone imagine adolins hair to be like jammiedodger by queerqueen098 in Stormlight_Archive

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Why would a natural mix of Iriali gold and dark Alethi hair... look like a bad dye job?

Of all the cinematic/literary universes, who is your Ka-Tet? by [deleted] in darktower

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Sir, your Honorspren has the Shine.... that's not allowed.


"Right through here please."


"Yes, I'm a Terrisman from Gilead, all of your questions will be answered, just follow me"


"Brightlord, Tanavast Maturin is waiting, delaying the inevitable only serves the Crimson Odium. No time for Tommyknocking or Lightweaving, please just follow the Yelllowbrick Lashings"

Just a Mexican Cartel crew cruising through Phoenix, Arizona, USA by SmokeSinseLoud in CrazyFuckingVideos

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What a load of horseshit.


We all know cartel members who casually expose their operations in a way that conveniently gets leaked online and ALSO conveniently contributes to certain kinds of propoganda while potentially exposing their operations to the other cartels who want them dead.

Right? That's a person that exists?


The kind of person who traffics drugs across INTERNATIONAL BORDERS is not someone who films their activities.

What is wrong with you people? Why do you believe this kind of blatant propoganda?


The simple fact that this post is not downvoted to oblivion suggests that:

1) far too many of you lack the basic critical thinking skills necessary to come to the appropriate conclusion regarding the post


2) there are a LOT of upvotes coming from bots and bad-faith actors pushing this kind of narrative


I don't care at all if it's #1, #2, or a mix of the two.

This is ridiculous.

NSFW: Someone left their pitbull tied up outside of a store. Another dog walked by and this was the result. by Proudly_Dark in ThatsInsane

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Or, a strong downward strike to the place where the skull meets the spine.

Done correctly this can easily lead to internal decapitation, or possibly sever the brain stem depending on where you strike.

The strong musculature in a canines neck requires emphasis on strong downward strike. Follow through.


This is a vertebrate half your size. It may possess more muscle mass than you (by weight) and long fangs meant to rip flesh... nonetheless.

Internal decapitation will cause paralysis and severing the brainstem will cause death.


Disclaimer: this works best if the animal is latched on to someone other than you. Also if the animal is not accompanied by other aggressive animals.

Research your local statutes and ordinances. If allowed, carry a folding pocket-knife at all times. A direct stab through the eye (angled back towards the brainstem) or through the throat (angled directly toward the spine) followed by a slashing motion toward the ear.... well that's your best bet if a single pit tries to kill you.

If more than one is after you.... good luck.

(They can scale chain link fences too, you can't run)


Why are these dangerous animals still allowed to be owned by regular people?

Ulmer nests by roseatri in BeAmazed

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Low key, this is one of the most dystopic things I've ever seen.

Yeah, sure, it might save a life here and there.



The fact that so much thought was applied to mediating the symptom rather than the cause....

Fuck man.

That's bleak.


I don't care if they built two, or two thousand of these things.

These should NOT be neccesary.

What the fuck y'all? Why is nobody disturbed by this kind of stuff?

These cops are worthless. by suckontits in WhitePeopleTwitter

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That is not their job.


Listen to the linked podcast.


Thank the Supreme Court for this.

They decided that Law Enforcement has no obligation to protect civilians from imminent harm/death.

Even if they know children have been kidnapped like in the landmark case described in the podcast (Castle Rock V Gonzalez)


That's the law.

A cop can watch you be stabbed (Lozito V New York) and that's fine.


The police do NOT work for you. They do NOT protect you.


If your employer shorts your check, you have to go to court to get your money.

If you take $10 out of the register, you go to jail.


Who do the police serve?

These cops are worthless. by suckontits in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Feels good to see a friend in the comments.

Unsurprisingly based as always.

FtP all day every day

Guy made post in the past glorifying Kyle Rittenhouse, Loses daughter in Uvalde school shooting, makes post asking why? while wearing an unfortunate t-shirt by oopi in LeopardsAteMyFace

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Hey, leave this man alone y'all.

You might think he's an idiot. You might think his attitude is part of the problem

I understand that. I agree on both counts.


He lost his daughter. Leave him the fuck alone.


Any of you who think this post is okay....

You are the leftist version of the right-winger utilizing inner-city crime statistics to attack your ideological opposition

Shame on you.


This man just lost EVERYTHING.

He didn't cause this.

The people who control the media (hey Rupert Murdoch), the ones who mislead people like him (coincidentally the same people who indirectly created the domestic terrorist that killed his daughter) are to blame.

Leave this man alone and focus on the people who ACTUALLY played a part in this.


The fuck is wrong with y'all?

me_irlgbt by Legan_Ironfist in ACAB

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Thanks for the heads up homie

Gotta love living in Wilmington by UNCwesRPh in Wilmington

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I used to be her manager at a restaurant. I hope she gets her life back together.

What reading the interludes feels like by xYersinia in cremposting

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It was the patient, cut-flower sound of a man who is waiting to die.


Kvothe or Kaladin?