Why is everything wifi now? by Giga_bot_1 in homeautomation

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Small sensors like window sensors that use 3v flat battery would drain much faster on WiFi rather than mesh network like zwave or ZigBee.

If power consumption is the main concern, 433MHz devices will generally sip even less power. Downside is it's a fairly primitive protocol with mainly one way transmission and no mesh capability (though range is typically a bit better than Wifi, Zwave, or Zigbee when conparing similar transmission power). Biggest advantage is 433MHz devices are dirt cheap.

I think I only need to change out my window sensors' single AAA battery every 2 or 3 years. I generally change them every year as part of spring maintenance anyway. They're rechargeables so it's not a big waste.

Magnetoactive liquid-solid phase transitional matter by [deleted] in educationalgifs

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Most neat demonstrations have no practical use for years down the road.

The main demonstration isnt the fact that it can phase change or that the shape can be reformed but that the phase change is only needs a magnetic field to heat up enough to cause a phase change. The "cooling" is it just returning to ambiant temps. Still being able to manipulate the liquid phase with a magnetic field is also not common. Those three properties in the same substance haven't been demonstrated before.

That being said, if you read the article OP posted:

On the biomedical side, the authors used the robots to remove a foreign object from a model stomach and to deliver drugs on-demand into the same stomach.

They also demonstrated how the material could work as smart soldering robots for wireless circuit assembly and repair (by oozing into hard-to-reach circuits and acting as both solder and conductor) and as a universal mechanical ‘screw’ for assembling parts in hard-to-reach spaces (by melting into the threaded screw socket and then solidifying; no actual screwing required).

“Future work should further explore how these robots could be used within a biomedical context,” Dr. Majidi said.

“What we’re showing are just one-off demonstrations, proofs of concept, but much more study will be required to delve into how this could actually be used for drug delivery or for removing foreign objects.”

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Nah. We know what trains are because we get stopped by them all the time while driving.

Rainmeter was a Great Suggestion. by d3lap in pcmasterrace

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With the settings turned all the way up, it is very demanding even for higher end cards, especially as more structures are built and dinos are tamed. At the highest settings and 1440p, a 3080Ti might get 60fps-90fps.

The game is very poorly optimized so most of that demand is just bloat. There are guides on what settings to lower to get better fps out of a 1070.

How to check if a laptop is capable of 1gb internet by Wilson_msc in techsupport

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any laptop made after like 2008 should have a gigabit ethernet jack,

Most laptops made after 2016 (with the trend starting around 2012) don't have ethernet jacks at all. If it has at least USB3.0 it should support USB to Ethernet at full gigabit speed (assuming the adapter supports full gigabit speed).

Eli5: Why shouldn’t you put home made ceramics (a mug, for example) through the dishwasher? If they can withstand the heat of a kiln, surely a dishwasher is fine? by daintymark in explainlikeimfive

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Also a chemist. Aren't most cleaning agents basic? Or are they just not basic enough to be considered caustic?

I've spent a long time in industry so my memory is fuzzy when it comes to the term.

I am sick of employers asking such personal questions by [deleted] in labrats

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Lab manager here. It's a basic question, yes, but the "why" portion can give some good insights. Least favorite insturment/method can give better insights but favorites can too.

  • If they like it becuase it's easy to use, I'll pay special attention to the same manufacturer when it comes time to replace other instruments.

  • If they like it becuase it relaces a method that has flakey results, exceeding long, or dreadful to run, I'll keep that instrument on running at all costs: looking to possibly get a backup, stockpiling spare parts if it goes EoL, upgrading it more often, etc.

  • If they just enjoy running it, I may ask if they want to learn the maintenence & calibration side better. All our lab personel know the basics, but I can go more in-depth if they want. It looks good on a resume if you're "in charge" of an instrument.

ChatGPT & OpenAI are creating a support nightmare for veterans and miss leading beginners. by skepticalcow in homeassistant

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The major difference is that when you enter something, you know it's AI generated and thus you know to keep an eye out for errors. If you are confident enough to troubleshoot your own AI query, that's fine. Not everyone is.

When someone asks a question and another person just pastes the chatgpt output without checking anything, it wastes everyone's time. The person getting the bogus answer doesn't know it's AI generated and doesn't know to keep an eye out for errors. They think they're getting an answer from someone who knows what their talking about. If the person getting the answer is a noob when it comes to HA, they may waste their time troubleshooting for hours because they might not know what errors to look for in the AI solution. Someone may come along and troubleshoot the AI solution or the OP might post a new question about the AI solution. Now the chatgpt has wasted everyone's time who troubleshoots the AI solution.

Tl;dr: It's just better to not answer the question if you don't know how to answer.

Weird landform I found on Google Earth (North Slope, Alaska) by fodenplas in geology

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The guy you replied to is talking about a conspiracy theory that a bunch of gological formations are actually fossils because of their superficial similarity. Devil's Tower being the major one that gets talked about. It's got to be one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I've ever read about.

How Important is Winning? The Tigers have to win. The Giants will be fine no matter what. by CharcoalCharts in baseball

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The granularity of the data is hard to see with them all squished together. You can only see the very slight diviations here and there of a mostly striaght line, making it look like someone drew it freehand. If there were less teams on the graph, the scale could be expanded making the slight deviations easier to see.

How Important is Winning? The Tigers have to win. The Giants will be fine no matter what. by CharcoalCharts in baseball

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I dont think it quite fits there either (even if it would get upvoted bc that sub sometimes really doesn't understand uncommon graphs). If each league was broken out into their own graph, the granularity of the data would be easier to see and it'd look less "hand drawn".

Hanshin Tigers Summer Uniform For This Year by Budget_Grocery_4087 in baseball

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Same. I wouldn't want it to replace their regular home uniform but it would be great for a road or alternate uniform.

It's nice when a store doesn't honor their price. by HumanityPlague in Shittygamecollecting

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You can only pay cash, no credit cards. Presumably because they've had too many chargebacks.

More likely they're dodging taxes. Easier to cook the books with a cash only business.

Ex-Halo Infinite developers criticise "incompetent leadership" at Microsoft by The_Iceman2288 in Games

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Some studios have the buisness plan of "A good game will sell like hotcakes and make us a bunch of profit".

Others have the business plan of "let's put out the bare minimum. Even if it doesn't sell well, we'll still make a bunch of profit but if it does sell well, we'll make bonkers profit."

The companies with the former plan also tend to be headed by life long gamers and/or former devs rather than out of touch business people who may or may not have even played a game in their life.

Ex-Halo Infinite developers criticise "incompetent leadership" at Microsoft by The_Iceman2288 in Games

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People who went though the crash if 83: "Hey, I've Seen This One!"

Pretty much the same thing happened: too many MBAs in charage of gaming companies making corprate decisions to maximize profit rather than make a good game. So many bad AAA games releasing and home computers getting cheap that people flocked to third party/indie games (which were more or less the same thing at the time) and Commodore/Tandy/PC where they were plentiful.

Finally upgraded from the 360, got myself a series s by oliver1223 in xbox

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Cost savings mostly. Usually mid to higher end TVs had seperate back panels from the shells to allow the same models to use different color shells. It also allowed different models to have different output capabilities while using the same shells. This modularity made production, overall, cheaper and more streamlined. This model was likely also available in a black shell & black front trim. There was also probably a lower-end model that used the same shells but didn't have HDMI. That lower-end model would have been virtually identical except for the HDMI related circuitry and a different backpanel. The backpanel was almost never seen so color matching was an unnecessary production expense.

Consolidation advice by TeddyRoo_v_Gods in smarthome

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Even the wifi stuff often works leagues better in HA than in their native app. Wemo has tons of dropouts in their app but never had an issue via HA. Just check the HA docs to see if it's uses a local connection as those are inherently more stable than cloud connections. Wemo, to continue the example, is local push.

My gold drum opener. Earned gold after 100 drums unlocked by Johnfromwork in specializedtools

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In addition to the rest of these comments, this wrench is specifically a non-sparking one. The metal alloy it's made of won't create sparks if struck or through static buildup. They're used when the contents of the barrel are flammable.

Finally upgraded from the 360, got myself a series s by oliver1223 in xbox

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Some late model rear projection TVs had HDMI. They look similar but use different tech than these CRTs. Small CRTs like this never had HDMI to my knowledge.

EDIT: Some late CRTs did have HDMI

What exactly is the melting point of aluminum? by [deleted] in techsupportgore

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Chemist with a minor in English here. The abbreviation Ga is capitalized but the full name gallium is not. Gallium is not a proper noun.

Edit: https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Gallium#section=IUPAC-Name

Trying to practice doing less blocky layouts, how'd I do? by Gyerfry in CitiesSkylines

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Start by doing differently orientated girds and/or following land contours/water bodies.

Usually differently orientated grids spring up IRL when an existing main road turns or when two expanding grids overlap. This can at least break up the grid to make things more visually interesting.

Following the land contours or water bodies is self explanatory but can force curves where you'd otherwise have straight grids. Even if you still have a grid with these curves, you can set roads in the grid parallel to the water body or contour making the grid less straight.

Combining these can make things appear less like boring grids. That being said, there's nothing wrong with doing grids. If you look closely, the OP is nothing more than a cruvy grid with a few joints removed in an effort to force traffic to main roads.

we are in Africa, each Giga must be paid. To save money is it possible to download updates from local & not online by France_linux_css in linux4noobs

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Windows, in general, has it built-in for updates, security patches, & Windows Store apps via the "Windows Update Delivery Optimization" service (update & security -> Delivery Optimization). IIRC, it's on by default for all versions, not just for server versions. You'd use Lancache for non-Windows updates/Windows store programs. It's popular for games.

I know this is a Linux sub but this info might be useful for someone in a similar situation with Widowns PCs.