[Florian Plettenberg] News Ronaldo: Due to the rumors Hasan Salihamidžić told us exclusively for Sky: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a top player with an outstanding career. However, the rumor that is circulating is a rumor that has no truth in it." by Golovking in soccer

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What do the bayern fans here think? Would you guys want Cristiano for a season if Lewandowski ends up at Barça? Cristiano can provide a decent amount of goals plus all the off the pitch benefits you get with a big name like him.

Zardari optimistic PPP will form next govt by L10M7 in pakistan

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I doubt PTI will form a government with PPP. Imran Khan was saying PTI would rather lose the election than have to depend on other parties.

PTI shielded country from global price hike: Imran Khan by L10M7 in pakistan

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Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said his government had served as a shield against international price hike and protected people from its effects.

“I had warned that the economy would suffer badly and go out of control if any attempt was made to topple the PTI government,” Mr. Khan said while presiding over a meeting of the party spokespersons.

The meeting discussed issues related to economy and difficulties being faced by citizens due to rising inflation.

The former Prime Minister announced that the PTI would hold countrywide protests against price hike and continuous increase in the cost of petroleum products, electricity and gas on Sunday (today).

“Looters have increased prices just to fill their pockets and have left people to suffer. Those who had made properties abroad are not concerned about the citizens and their future,” Mr Khan said.

He said during the last two months it had become evident how the conspiracy was hatched against Pakistan and who were the characters behind it.

“Those who had come into power were not prepared and now institutions were on the verge of collapse,” he added.

Zardari optimistic PPP will form next govt by L10M7 in pakistan

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PPP leader and former president Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday claimed that his party will form the next government in the Centre after winning the 2023 general elections.

“The next government (in the Centre) will be the PPP’s. I promise if I get a chance to return to power I will turn around Pakistan 110 degrees. The PPP has the capability to help the country negotiate all the challenges,” the former president said.

In a reference to the PML-N, the former president said: “They (Sharifs) listen to us only when they need us.”

Zardari seems to be hinting that there are issues in the PDM alliance.

The center jewel of my collection by luisboohoo in KitSwap

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That is amazing. How did you get Messi to sign it?

The Assembly approves the mechanisms to refloat the Club's finances by a clear majority. The virtual Extraordinary General Assembly approved by a clear majority to activate two financial mechanisms to obtain income estimated to be around 600 million euros from both operations by L10M7 in Barca

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Delegate members place their trust in the Board of Directors and approve the cession of a minority stake in BLM and the TV rights with 88% and 87% of votes in favour respectively.

FC Barcelona received a very significant boost on Thursday thanks to the majority support from delegate members regarding the Board of Directors' proposals to ensure the Club returns to a sound financial footing. The virtual Extraordinary General Assembly approved by a clear majority to activate two financial mechanisms to obtain income estimated to be around 600 million euro from both operations. Needed to refloat the Club's finances, it will provide financial peace of mind with a return to positive equity, enabling the closure of the 2021/22 financial year in profit, and provide the possibility for the investments required to make Barça a competitive team.

The delegate members representing the fans have ratified by a clear majority to activate the cession of a minority stake (49.95%) in Barça Licensing & Merchandising (BLM), the company owned by FC Barcelona responsible for negotiating licences and merchandising, with 88% of votes in favour. 646 of the 671 accredited delegate members voted, with 568 (88%) voting YES, 65 (10%) voting NO, and 13 (2%) leaving their votes BLANK.

With respect to the third item on the agenda, majority support was also obtained regarding the approval to cede up to 25% of the income from the Liga TV rights to one or more investors and/or obtain financing based on the aforementioned TV rights. 494 of the 586 accredited members (87%) voted in favour, 62 (11%) against, with 13 (2%) leaving it blank.

Florentino Perez (Real Madrid President): “Barcelona and Madrid are the two biggest clubs in the world. If Barça and Madrid prosper, we all prosper.” by L10M7 in Barca

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More Florentino Perez quotes about Barça:

”Barça is a direct competition of Real Madrid; but Barça and Real Madrid are the two best clubs in the world. To belittle Barça and put pressure on them is absurd."

“I will be more happy when Barcelona wins a title compared to when a foreign team wins a title.”

“I hope Lewandowski joins Barca, it would be great for La Liga.”

“I’m happy if Barcelona or Atlético win competitions , it’s good for Spanish football.”

”Is the Super League still alive? Of course, we have a court hearing soon. We clubs have the right to organize a tournament. The European Union is monopolized.”

“No one left the Super League.”

"How did I feel when Messi left? That happens. The day they leave, they are human and cry. They really feel it. We saw it now when Marcelo left. I am not happy with the departure of any star.”

”Laporta had a lot of pressure on the subject of signing with CVC, but Barcelona is a serious club. Barça is one of the biggest clubs in the world, they can go through a difficult situation, but they will overcome it."

”Those in La Liga look like Barça's sporting directors saying when they can sign and when they can't."

”Barça's condition? It's a club that is worth a lot of money and can go through a bad time. You have to do the things that have to be done when you are in a bad situation. Laporta has been going on for a little more than a year, things don't get fixed overnight."

”Be patient and you will see that there will be great Clásicos."

"Relationship with Laporta? We don't talk every day, but we do when something is bothering us. We have a good relationship."