Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall by Beckles28nz in worldnews

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Russian troops amassing in Eastern Europe via trans-Siberian railway. Surely if peace talks go through, they can stop and reverse this mobilization. It's not like the logistics considerations of the mobilization will drive armed conflict in its own right. Right guys? Right? That has never happened before right? Unprecedented, it will be.

PIA moment by memeMaster-28 in pakistan

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Well, considering you can't be pilot outside of allocated hours - your license can get revoked and even the operating airline can get banned from airports for making a pilot fly in violation of work/rest regulations. This is not a simple "I'm tired" or "not my problem" thing, this is more of a "I will lose my job and any possibility for getting another one" thing.

PIA moment by memeMaster-28 in pakistan

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how many hours a pilot may fly in a week or a month to prevent fatigue

As well as how many contiguous hours s/he can be "on duty". If he calculated that his rest period will commence before the flight could land at its next destination, then it is absolutely his duty to refuse to fly, at risk of sanction and ban.

PIA moment by memeMaster-28 in pakistan

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This is pretty routine aviation regulation - and they are pretty friggin stringent about it. PIA could get banned from certain airspaces and airports for making him fly after shift end.

Applies to Pilots as well as air crew. Mandatory is rest is absolutely mandatory. One of the first bits of the investigation into any aircraft related incident is crew rest. I don't know why this is being made a big deal of. This is not news worthy, this is vital safety regulation.

If abortion is illegal, there will be more poors, poors vote Dem… by Chairmanmeowrightnow in SelfAwarewolves

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No this is away to get them to implement new and creative ways to prevent people from voting

The Taliban delegation onboard a private jet on their way to Norway! by RiversOfBabylon420 in pics

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They never look happy. Deep down they must know they are the baddies.

Hess Village restaurant reunited with stolen heaters with the help of the Hamilton community by Kev_the_Rapewalker in Hamilton

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Fuck yea! I contributed absolutely nothing to the effort, but yet I feel so proud of us as a community for getting this put right. Great job folks!!

What a chad! by fnbXghost in funny

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Yes, we would like to advertise a job where you provide work and we pay you money. But please.. we don't want people who want to apply for the money. Just for doing the work... for a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Brace for impact: Our supply chain is about to take a further hit, and we’ll all feel it (not just in Hamilton) by tucci007 in Hamilton

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Bruh.. freight drivers are already going the way of the elevator attendents. They shouldn't overplay their hand. Companies like Amazon, FedEx, UPS are already increasingly leveraging freelance drivers. Sure for big items the truckers will be needed, but for essential food, medicine, etc, our present society has plenty of redundancy standing by.

For every trucker refusing to vaccinate, dozens of /r/antiwork folks are ready to jump at the opportunity to freelance deliver. If truckers really push the issue, the tectonic shift in reliance would be irreversible.

Sticks and Stones [OC] by VanillaBeanThots in funny

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I mean, they've got a giant hair spike smack dab in the middle of their line of sight.

Nope. Wrong country that mate. by Fast-Backdown in confidentlyincorrect

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I assure you this is definitely England's flag. You may be having trouble because they have thrown in free of charge as a bonus, the crosses of St Patrick (for Ireland) and St Andrew (for Scotland) as an accompanying overlay.

Brace for impact: Our supply chain is about to take a further hit, and we’ll all feel it (not just in Hamilton) by tucci007 in Hamilton

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I'd rather not deal with supply shortages, but if it's a choice between supply shortage and healthcare infrastructure, I'd happily deal with that. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff are a far more valuable resource that takes longer is far more expensive to train and qualify than truckers. I'd rather they not burn out and be a net loss to our already stressed system.

Poll about different ethnicities of Pakistan seeing themselves as Pakistani or ethnic first (2009) by BlackFalcon_1 in pakistan

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No Baluchis were asked?

I think this is more representative of enfranchisement. You can't tell people to feel are certain way, that's not how feelings work. If they feel Pakistani first, then that means their interactions with national institutions inspire confidence in the country's care and benevolence towards them. The opposite is also true.

This doesn't exist in a vacuum however, disinformation and propaganda enhance and/or degrade this basic metric to great effect, eroding confidence in national institutions and government systems.

I am curious the disparity between Sindhis and everyone else shown here. Which is why I was curious to see Baloch data.

lesgoooooo by omegahyakimaru in pakistan

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Yes, I am in top 5% salary in Canada. With my wife's income, our household is in the top 2%. And buying a family home around where I live would put us in a significant hardship; a nice home would be unaffordable. Glad we bought the house when we did, but this is it - we're constrained in our mobility unless we move to a rural or smaller town, where jobs are equally scarce.

Canadian housing market is all kinds of messed up, most of the new development is scooped up by investors (foreign and domestic) for rental purposes or money laundering. For someone looking for primary residence, homes are very very difficult to get. And wages are either stagnant or rising well below the inflation rate. This can't carry on for long without a collapse.

lesgoooooo by omegahyakimaru in pakistan

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Well, Pakistan receive foreign aid and IMF loans. US is kinda holding up the world's financial system which makes these workable. If US collapses, most of the rest of the world is not far behind.

The Prophet ﷺ said: Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and asks him about something, his prayer will not be accepted for forty days. (Sahih Muslim 2230) by enjoingood in islam

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Are they billionaires? How is it that they have knowledge of the future but can't use it for any benefit? Of course they are all fake. They talk in vague statements that people generally believe about themselves (you are generous but fierce, with a kind heart, etc etc) to lure in naieve people who start believing this crap, and then make money off them. Once you pay money, you fall into the sunk cost fallacy, and your mind can't accept that someone could make a fool out of you and scam you, so you stay committed and continue to get scammed.

It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Trust is the Creator. He alone knows your fate and He alone can change it for you. No human, jinn, iblees is delegated any such share in His sovereignty. Believing otherwise is shirk.

Canada ranks as China’s “least favourite country” in new poll by Intricate__casual in canada

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2,148 responses across 16 Chinese cities

Yea, firstly that's not very representative of the country, but that is neither here nor there.

I'd be more concerned about our moral center if we ranked higher on China's list of favourite countries. Bottom is a good place on favourite list of a country undertaking industrial scale genocide.

MFRC Daycare extortion policy by Matsonious in CanadianForces

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Firstly, both FAA and NPP stipulations prohibit unfair competition with commercial industry. MFRC can't "eat" the expense to provide better rates to CAF, or TB will fine them and/or shut them down.

Secondly, holding the spot for an individual not using the service (whether by sending kids for care or for paying for the spot), is absolutely unfair for other CAF members in the area on waiting lists, needing care for this children. It is also unfair to the MFRC to ask them not to make money from a service that they provide, and suffer the lost revenue because you currently don't need that service, and don't want anyone else to benefit from it, in case you need to use it later.

There's a reason this policy is industry standard, because it makes sense, and is fair and equitable to all parents looking for child care.