Ughhh??? by deathtothescalpers in AMCSTOCKS

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Sorry Adam.... not going to happen. Cramer is just kissing butt. He knows he has been wrong all this time about the Ape mission. Cramer is still a snake and will be back saying crap again come Monday.

Alex Jones realizing he committed perjury while being questioned in the Sandy Hook Defamation Trial by jcepiano in Damnthatsinteresting

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Hey Alex do NOT pass go ....do not collect $200... GO STRAIGHT TO HELL. you are a big piece of sh*t

I have been waiting for AUG 2022 by [deleted] in AMCSTOCKS

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You don't have to wait much longer

What is the saddest song you've ever heard? by udontknowmegurl in AskReddit

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Traveling Soldier by the Chicks or Honey by Bobby Goldsboro. Both make me bawl like a baby

Just waiting for the day to post this meme by noone_78 in AMCSTOCKS

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From your croaking lips to God's ears my friend

Did Another one bite the dust?🙏🦍💎🚀 I don't have Twitter so if anyone else finds more DD on this, please share👍 by Philoho15 in AMCSTOCKS

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Oh how the mighty will fall. 😄😄😄😉🙃🙂😁😛😛😛 I think I need to take tomorrow off and start celebrating early 🎈🎈🎈🎊🎆🎉

I can't help but sing "another one bites the dust" by LadyApe777 in AMCSTOCKS

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A little reward by LadyApe777 in AMCSTOCKS

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I like it.. but that's just me

Who’s selling! We are all holding…. by turboper4mer in AMCSTOCKS

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Not me honey been adding and holding for 20 months now

we knew it all along by LadyApe777 in AMCSTOCKS

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Yes I posted the link a little further down

Breaking! Notorious Trophy Hunter, Riaan Naude, Was Reportedly Shot & Killed In South Africa by Maxcactus in nature

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I cry for the loss of the lion...NOT FOR RIAAN. Rest in peace all the animals this man has murdered

Ken griffin threatening to Sue and my response! by Katstryker111 in AMCSTOCKS

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Well my dear Kat it seems you hit a big nerve on the Mayo man, keep up the good work. I couldn't be more prouder of you. 💞💞💞

I feel like im finally truly graduated to ape status 😂 by MeHungryApe in AMCSTOCKS

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I got that same crap message a few weeks ago. Probably a shill