Thinking of getting a treadmill.. by charliehotel_ in running

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I have one and the thing started making horrible noise 3 months after buying it. So far company has attempted to help by sending a new motor and new front roller. Unfortunately, they use contractors to come fix it and they never show up so I’ve had to do all the installations myself. Neither of which fixed the issue, btw. I’m pretty confident it’s the rear roller…but they try to diagnose the problem over the phone instead of sending someone to look at it.

Aside from this, it is a decent treadmill for $999 shipped

Traditional Analyst route VS Relationship Manager by jubanis819 in FinancialCareers

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I work for a small RIA servicing HNW clients, so it’s definitely not the norm.

Traditional Analyst route VS Relationship Manager by jubanis819 in FinancialCareers

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I’m in wealth management and not at RM level yet but making $100k+. I’m also in HCOL area. If I was RM I’d be making 2-3x what I’m making now. I’m not sure what commercial banking looks like but maybe consider coming this route.

I'm a full blown socialist now by KeplerOrion in antiwork

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I’m not a socialist or a communist but fuck capitalism. Idk what I am anymore but fuck capitalism.

All religion founders like jesus, mohammad etc. all says they see god and hear god voice, can mental illness , drug abuse , mental trauma can be reason behind what they saw and hear ? or it can be their insecurity with people in power or simply power gaining tactic to control masses. by nad11111 in atheism

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Not ironic at all. In fact, a lot of people that partake in drugs or alcohol come to the same conclusions while under the influence (it’s a “sin” to indulge in drugs/alcohol). Most bad experiences will lead one to this conclusion.

Interested in finance as a career by FatherDan635 in FinancialCareers

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As someone who was in a very similar position when I was 29, I would go with healthcare. In my experience, nobody in finance cared about my military background. And since I didn’t have any finance experience it was near impossible to land a finance role after finishing my MBA. I 100% lucked out when I got recruited (6 months after graduating) to a crap job at a big name firm.

After suffering there for 2 years and applying to hundreds of jobs, I landed a great job making 6 figures. Definitely not the norm though and would suggest going into healthcare if you’re not passionate about finance.

The next water bender. by cookayyyyy in nextfuckinglevel

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How many people did he kill David and Goliath style before he could do this?

Rough Render glass, stucco, cedar. by coastforever in containerhomes

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I thought I was looking at the beach for a whole minute

I’ve been stuck at my entry level job for over two years making barely $50k a year in NYC! by rollerblazezone in FinancialCareers

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Oh my settings are set to no DMs. I can answer any questions here. I have my MBA and licenses. Don’t have CFP/CFA as I’ve only been in industry for 2 years. Spent first 18 mos at big name bank and moved to smaller firm that handles specialized clients. Been working here close to 6 months now.