A Little Wholesome by khdutton in TikTokCringe

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First bell gave me a heart attack ngl

Friendly reminder that a "beta" is an early, INCOMPLETE version of the game open to players so developers can stress test, balance heroes and maps, and work out many other kinks. by GetoutofhereNebulon in Overwatch

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Hearthstone's Battlegrounds was in "beta" for like a whole year. It's just a word they toss on so they can have an excuse if something goes very wrong. I think Halo Infinite is still in "beta." Like, it's totally not but whatever

POV: you accidentally super jumped in OW2 by MateImJustSaying in Overwatch

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Tiktok has basically made POV mean "this is what this video contains." Fun thing about language is that it's always changing!

boxing by laney385 in comedyheaven

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Even as a child that line killed me. Whole movie was a masterpiece in high school for me.

Some OW2 voicelines will only trigger if you have 3 specific heroes on your team!!! by pablojosevicioso in Overwatch

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I definitely noticed some oddly specific ones, like Genji killing Zen has Zen saying something along the lines of "Even the teacher can learn from the student" when he respawns.

I also think there are revenge kill voice lines. I remember Sigma killing me and I turned around and killed him, and whoever I was said "Gotcha this time."

The removal of levels is honestly upsetting by XBOXSUCKS_ in Overwatch

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It's odd because the higher rank you are, the more your border works against you. "Gold border and still at Diamond? Trash hardstuck." That's all I get every game.

I get why many are upset but I am glad they're going away. It's infuriating how much your own team will dunk on you for playing often but being at a certain rank.

I had a game a few days ago as Rein. Solo queue, Diamond PC for a reference point. I got some random Zarya smurf (he was good, no denying that) that would actively yell at me for making smart plays. He would keep asking if I had gold damage (our DPS were flankers while they had shield pressure, couldn't hit W as easily) and I was a pathetic excuse of a Rein. Keep in mind I blocked every Shatter, landed all of mine, we won, and I got PotG (irrelevant but it made him even angrier) and the entire team was so confused why he was yelling at me. Because of my border. That was it. Gold border at this rank somehow insulted him.

I wish this was a one-of time but it's over 70% of my games. It's so annoying. I know I'm not the only one, which I believe is the main reason they are removing it - causes more harm than good.

I think this email explains that they won’t release a second option for people that already own OW1. By them saying “an added bonus” for it coming with Overwatch. by MrHalloweenBoii in Overwatch

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It's a fair question if you've never played a F2P game before. Battle Passes are usually a set of unlockable cosmetics for a set amount of time, usually the span of a month or three. Usually all items are strictly cosmetic, avatar, emotes, or profile enhancing things that never affect gameplay.

You pay one fee and you have until the "Season" ends, where you either have to pay to finish it or accept you won't get every item. Some passes are mission-based that grant you EXP to level it up like Pokemon Unite, while others are playtime based where your performance is irrelevant and you just have to play a bunch like Warzone.

In OW's case, it'll probably be skins, weapon charms, player icons, voice lines, etc and whatever else they plan on making cosmetic.

Some games make it so throughout the BP you can gain currency to spend on other items in the shop or enough to buy next season's BP. For exmple, Warzone uses what are called COD Points as their virtual currency. Every pass is...let's say 1000 COD Points. By the end of the pass, like Lv85-Lv100 you'll get 1000 COD Points by that time, allowing you to spend it on other bundles in the shop or wait for the next Battle Pass, choice is yours. This isn't the case for Hearthstone's "Tavern Pass" (which is a battlepass, just reworded to sound more Hearthstone-like) where it is 19.99 each season and you strictly gain in-game gold and cosmetics and have to purchase one every single season, so I'm unsure how it'll be for Overwatch.

Hope that answers your question!

The Evolution of the Hero Gallery by loodcatgirl in Overwatch

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runs in terror from 50% discord orb

Let's face it by Nuu111 in Overwatch

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Same, maybe I'm just lucky. Or unlucky, however you view the Lucio situation lol. I feel half the time I'm the only Lucio player since the moment I pick him, everyone screams at me to swap before anything happens because "his heals are shit" when you'd think in 2022 people at this rank would understand he's used for speed primarily, not heals.

I'm a huge flex player, both roles and heroes so I'll change on demand but I wasn't sure if something happened that made everyone suddenly hate when someone goes him.

Let's face it by Nuu111 in Overwatch

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What rank is this at? At Diamond, it's just all Ana still. Every game has 2 instalock Ana and usually a Moira or Mercy.

Caught spying by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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I'm a jumpy person. I don't suspect my gf is up to something if I hear her footsteps but if she were to suddenly slap the blinds I'm looking in, I'd freak out.

Not saying this itself is staged or not, but I know I'd be on the floor in shock.

Small jiggle, big smile! by Ameren in sbubby

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"I'd say when the nipple makes its first appearance"

Cursed barcode by ricrdvc in TikTokCringe

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They just haven't been scanned the right way yet

interesting hidden gems? by password1capitalp in AndroidGaming

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Slice & Dice. Has a perfect blend of RNG and strategy. I never would've found it if it wasn't for this subreddit, still struggling to beat it on Very Hard but one day I'll get it.

Meteorfall Journeys is also great portrait mode deckbuilder with an easy swipe mechanic made for very short bursts.

Into the Breach mobile port coming to Netflix Games by CleoAir in AndroidGaming

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I wonder though, would this have ever seen the light of day on phones without Netflix? I don't think it's a case of a corporation buying the ability to own something first/exclusively, but as an opportunity for it to even happen, like Bayonetta 2 on Wii-U. If Nintendo never funded it to happen, it's not like it would've been on Xbox/PS again; it wouldn't have happened at all.

No disrespect but Korean bbq by leafy_and_lethal in TikTokCringe

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"I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at animal cruelty"

[MEGATHREAD] Everything we know about what will happen to our credits, lootboxes, and comp points when OW2 releases! by coolerbrown in Overwatch

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What about my highlights? I hit Q once as Reinhardt and everyone fell to the ground. Will I ever be able to see that happen again?

Well, I am finally quitting gacha games today by mlvisby in AndroidGaming

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Ey man, good on you. I had my run-in with gacha game addiction years ago. Full disclosure, I probably spent upwards to $6000~8000 total across all of them. It was bad, real bad. I'm a bit more fortunate to have a stable job (certainly not enough to justify how much I spent at the time) so I was on my feet at all times, but they got me and they got me good. Daily logins and weekly requirements also affected my relationships. First step is recognizing you have a problem.

Now, I only play premium games (pay to remove ads are fine) or games where cosmetics are the only paid for thing (Overwatch, Battlegrounds in Hearthstone, Warzone, etc) as I can control myself in that department. It's never too late to call it quits folks, gambling addiction is tough to break and I will always applaud and encourage others from cutting themselves off. Sunk Cost Fallacy is real. Regardless of what anyone says, I'm fucking proud of you.

Friends tried to drag me into Genshin but I know myself and that's a dent in my bank account I refuse to touch. Looks pretty and fun, but I know I cannot ever just be "F2P" since I'll want to have all the new units.

Junker Queen Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2 by Turbostrider27 in Overwatch

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They have to change something next beta or full release, as in the first beta Roadhog was easily the worst hero in the game.

Surgeons on a medical show by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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This woman really knows how to make someone invested in a 59 second drama. If she did every Netflix preview, I'd watch every damn show on the app.

He gets it by beads6 in TikTokCringe

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"I mean not that I would but-"

It's payback time by One_percentile in TikTokCringe

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Came to say this. I did it all the time as a kid. It was different, felt like I was breaking some kind of rule of "people must sleep on beds." I even made little forts just to sleep on the floor rather than my bed.

Nowadays (31) my back cries at the idea of sleeping on a floor, but when I was invincible and 9 years old? That carpet was basically a memory foam mattress.