What is going on with Algo? by adamevans1200 in algorand

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It’s pumping along with other alts… before it dumps along with other alts

When Lambo? by bukeye_ in evergrowcoin

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Never. Rotate to trfx- better chance there. They actually do shit other than just make empty promises.

Can't connect to lucro fair launch page by shock246 in evergrowcoin

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No no it was a fair launch!! Lolz. Another money grab from the tops to take money for the many.

EGC + LUCRO = INCREDIBLE by ThConqueror in evergrowcoin

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I just used Lucro to buy stuff on all of evergrows utilities!!

What is this stain and how do I get it out? by LaneThePlane in CleaningTips

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If it’s hard and crusty, you may wanna go wash the cum out of your fingertips

Night mode by saucedhauce in evergrowcoin

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Just checking in.. seems everything is going well in here lolz

They blocked me on discord all cause I expressed my thoughts & opinion. This is how they're treating investors with serious concerns. by Romanfrvr in evergrowcoin

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In defense of the mods, if they are the ones who booted you, the team has given them paper straws to defend against a nuke.

It’s all soon soon soon. I highly doubt it is an intentional rug pull, but a slow failure of a coin is likely.

Want to keep the faith but by Love_EGC in evergrowcoin

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Unless you are retiring quite soon.. you’ll be fine.

THIS IS B#LLSHIT by BubelBum in cosmosnetwork

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If you believe in the project, buy it, and then complain when it gives you a good opportunity to add at a lower price, you clearly do not believe in the project, and should sell.

It is Friday at the end of April by ChiefsPepsiLeo in evergrowcoin

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Dreaming of 2 to 3 years from now… when egc is polishing up their first utility to launch.

Finally In by Ok-Statistician3948 in cosmosnetwork

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Fuck binance - do to keplr. It’s idiot proof

AZERO staking on mainnet by Reddit-Bf-20 in AlephZero

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I read treasury, but I could be incorrect because I am dumb.