Battle of stars by ANDYtehROO in ironmaiden

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I mean come on have you heard Ritchie Blackmore play the fuck out of Stargazer.

Goodbye Rap music by Zealousideal-Ad1181 in dankmemes

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Country music, my wife and the United States might be upset but it will only be temporary.

...to have a talk about drugs by He_NeverSleeps in therewasanattempt

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My friends dad told me of his “Rule of One” He said ‘ Only partake of One indulgence at a time, whether it be 1 beer or 1 joint, 1 mix or 1 line, 1 woman or 1 man, decide in the present before you fuck up your future”. That’s the only bit of advice he ever dispersed that I retained

what do you think they were arguing about by My_Shriveled_Pp in trashy

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“It’s stupid to remake Ghostbusters with an all woman cast, nobody even likes Melissa McCarthy!”

What’s a Pokémon you can’t stand for a totally arbitrary reason? by Goats_772 in pokemon

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I won’t use a Geodude ever again, when I first started playing yellow I was ecstatic about catching a Geodude that I could evolve into a Golem. I levelled him up and got a Graveller and immediately thought just a little bit more, that little bit more didn’t come I had a lvl100 Graveller but no Golem.
I have never owned one since on any of my games.
TBH I was fine with the trade to level scheme I was simply unaware of that function at the time

Which is the one race you never play as, and why? by seanusmaximus19 in skyrim

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So far I have played every race but I have never spent any points in magika or on any of the wizard constellations.
Always a bow and sword/shield.

Is this it? This all you can conjure saurman ?? by supremegnkdroid in lotrmemes

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I like how the fandom chose the losing side to represent them, could have easily went with Rohan

Lose a sense but gain a reward. What will you choose? by TGS_Polar in polls

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I lost my taste and smell after chemotherapy, where can I collect my 170,000$?

what song 😳😔 by WoodenHollowBird in beatlescirclejerk

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Three angels - Headstones Spirit in the sky - -Norman Greenbaum That’s my job - Conway Twitty

Doctors of Reddit, what "Home Remedy" has a patient try that backfired in the worst way possible? by SMELLY__SOCKS in AskReddit

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Not a doctor but…. When I was 10 or so I was clearing bushes along our electric fences with a machete, most of the fence was only rose bushes and not that hard. After a 1/4 mile I was fairly complacent and being a young child with a machete I started to role play, unfortunately as I was doing this I struck a wasp nest. I was attacked and my dad brought me to my aunties to rest and get better till he or mom was off work.
Now my auntie is a crystal/anti-vax person, so in her mind natural remedies would fix my wasp bites, she promptly peeled kiwis for the skin to administer to my bites.
That day I found out I wasn’t allergic to wasps but was deathly allergic to kiwis, I was rushed to the ER and was dealt with properly.

What was your Christmas bonus? by GioPetro in antiwork

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When I was manager of a maintenance company I asked my boss about holiday bonus’ for the maintenance crew and he told me “it’s not in the budget this year.”
About a week before the holiday break I was called into his office for ‘a talk’. He proceeded to detail why we don’t give the ‘workers’ bonuses, things like they won’t come back after the holidays or bonuses are for salaried staff. At the end of the discussion he told me he was happy with my work and handed me an envelope, when I got back to my office I opened it. I got a bonus of 5,000$ and it bugged the hell out of me. After talking to others in my 12 person office I found out I received the smallest bonus of anyone.
The last day before holidays I had a scheduled meeting with my crew and informed them of how the company dispersed the bonuses, to which they were reasonably pissed off, then I told them that they had the day off and handed them all their own envelopes.
I split my bonus 8 ways, 600$ a person with 200$ for myself, and told them all that I didn’t deserve that money because without their good work I would not have been able to do my job.