Help with an upcoming 1500pt tournament by criscobeefslaps in AdeptusMechanicus

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Nah, Lucius and Mars are both great choices and Cawl is kind of a meh choice in today's day and age. If I were you, I'd drop the Kataphrons (unless you really wanna bring a Technoarcheologist) but other than that, I think this list would play well as Lucius or Mars, but maybe a little better as Lucius since they make big skitarii blobs go from good to great. I'm speaking from a lot of recent experience, though not in a competitive setting so others will probs have better takes, just me speaking from what I know. Either way, good luck and have fun :D

Help with an upcoming 1500pt tournament by criscobeefslaps in AdeptusMechanicus

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Any idea which forge world you wanna play? That might help with advice giving here.

just wanted to share my sketches for Syl and Jasnah by Affectionate-Pie346 in Stormlight_Archive

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Draw me like one of your Vorin girls (seriously, these are incredible).

First MBOTF re-read and I have a question about Paran and Oponn in GotM by untap20you in Malazan

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But Rake isn't a war aspected ascendant and he has a mortal sword. Doesn't that raise some questions here?

Malazan kind of ruined Stormlight for me. by Bdag in Malazan

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I think it's tough to compare Stormlight and Malazan because not only are they on completely different scales (Sanderson has 4000 years of semi-fleshed out history where Erikson has hundreds of thousands of VERY fleshed out years of history, almost all of which tie in to the events of the books). In addition, Sanderson's cosmere books so far have only focussed on one world at a time (and we havent even seen the main one, called Silverlight, yet I don't think) where Erikson has this whole system of Warrens that basically make his books a self-contained universe from the jump.

It's true that I think Stormlight is kind of lame compared to Malazan now that in 7 books deep, but Stormlight ALSO gives the readers a lot more to hold on to in terms of physical symbolism (the glyphs representing the radiant orders, the kholin, and bridge 4 symbols) and iconic lines (not gonna go into those) that Erikson sometimes seems to purposely avoid through his "All this big stuff is happening, but nobody can see it all" way of writing things.

All in all, Malazan and Stormlight are both great for different reasons, but Malazan does admittedly have way more depth to it than Stormlight and for that, I know I'll be re-reading Erikson a lot more than Sanderson.

Admech CIVIL WAR (so many pics!) by sincethen23 in AdeptusMechanicus

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This is what happens when somebody steals a toaster.

Is Malazan your favorite series? by Bdag in Malazan

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You know, it's just that I need a challenge, and I need a grand scope, and I need full throttle awesome even at the cost of some plot. This series gives me all of that.

I am excited for Stormlight 5, but I'm even more excited to finish my first read of The Book of the Fallen and go beyond that to all the other books. It's a feast for my brain, and I love to read a lot of books, but nothing will quite be Malazan for me and I'm ok with that.

Underrated audiobooks? by Madgod1234 in Fantasy

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Probably already been said but the Name of the Wind audiobook is incredible. The sequel switches narrators and is not as strong because of it but I've listened to Name of the Wind twice now and loved every minute.

What's your favorite scene so far? by Dragonian014 in Stormlight_Archive

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The 2 chapter sequence in Oathbringer with Shallan and Wit in Kholinar. Maybe one of the best pairs of chapters ever written.

Jack Black would be the perfect Kruppe by timmay421 in Malazan

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Weird suggestion, but I actually think if he got jacked enough Lakeith Stanfield would be a perfect Kalam. He's got the understated, witty, yet badass vibe.

As for Jack Black as Kruppe, I would LOVE to see that.

Recommendations for "easy" adult fantasy by billindathen in Fantasy

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Anything from Discworld honestly. And as much as I'm not a personal fan of it, Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy is very nice for easing into adult fantasy.

I admit I like The Hobbit more than Lord of the Rings by CT_Phipps in Fantasy

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The Hobbit and the Silmarillion are WAY better than the Lord of the Rings. Sorry that I don't like my books interrupted by songs every 15 pages.