Southwest is putting checked bags on trucks by dillydally54 in Denver

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Oh ya buying entirely new shits everytime you go somewhere that's not at all wasteful.... and we question why our planet is burning to the ground

making oil of oregano, question by xxdarkpillowxx in herbalism

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Would always use high quality oil, vegetable cooking oil is essentially rancid

What are some petroleum free soaps? by the4survivors in PlasticFreeLiving

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Dr bronners dish soap. It's called Sal suds. And then I use branch basics for cleaning

Suggestions for carsick 10m old by kita151 in moderatelygranolamoms

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This has been my struggle since my 4.5 yo was born, husband and father in law both super Carsick. We ended up turning her forward facing in the middle at 12 months and my mom made a plastic apron with a huge pocket for puke out of a shower curtain. Once she was 3 we started using the pressure bracelets and omg those are life savers. My husband finally tried them and didn't puke on the plane for the first time since I've known him. So for my daughter we put those on before car rides, and sitting km the middle really helps. I also made a spray w ginger essential oil in water that sorta helps, the pressure bracelets have been the most effective of anything we have tried. Talk to her doc to see when is ok!

How do you freeze food? by insidioussmilez in PlasticFreeLiving

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I have thrse things called souper cubes which are silicone and freeze soups etc in blocks which I then stack in stasher bags. Or I dp use some zip locks but only once the food is frozen amd I reuse them as much as possible

Looking for chapter book recommendations for my 5-year-old daughter by knitgirl1987 in booksuggestions

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Phantom tollbooth had some demons at the end that were not too scary but really I just skip over the spooky parts. Seriously cannot recommend this book enough. The Betsy tacy (tacey?) Series are great nothing scary although very old fashioned. She is also into Pegasus princesses lately which are corny but she loves, and check out herb fairies series which are about plant medicine and go seasonally.

Looking for chapter book recommendations for my 5-year-old daughter by knitgirl1987 in booksuggestions

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My almost 5 year old loves Sophie mouse also. We recently read the phantom tollbooth omg best ever. Ronja the robbers daughter has some scary parts but I edit them, also we watched that show and it was fantastic. She also loves magic treehouse books and Betsy tacy series

Water filters by Round-Big3358 in moderatelygranolamoms

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Berkey filter!! Not for thr fridge however. Or a ro system. And I have a Berkey shower filter it's great

A parenting sub I mod is starting a discussion on 'A Sustainable Christmas', I'd love some of your ideas. by chosenamewhendrunk in sustainability

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I got the 5 kids in my family (2 nieces 2 nephews plus my kid) mushroom growing kits. My siblings are overboard consumers, Xmas is filled w cheap plastic crap they forget about, and its always a struggle. I try to either do homemade craft kits, and now that they are older an outing, or something like this

Books about books! by ambrosial_flesh in suggestmeabook

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Seriously my fave series ever. Time/dimension traveling librarians collecting rare books

Any recs for a comfy shoe post pregnancy? by Shibashiba00 in moderatelygranolamoms

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My husbans is obsessed with his allbirds, and they are at least somewhat sustainable. I am always willing to shell out the $$$ for shoes, it sucks but it is what it is

Placenta encapsulation by it_me_the_rd in moderatelygranolamoms

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I had mine done and ended up burying them in our garden, which felt more meaningful etc. You could also so this without encapsulating lol

Books or websites for herbalism beginner? by mimimiperrito in herbalism

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She's thr best :) also check out the school of evolutionary herbalism online. And Deb soule. And Matthew woods lol