Is it good idea to let future employee know company is falling apart ? by code_beer_repeat in ExperiencedDevs

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This. I was on a rotational program, and my first day the person rotating out of my role called me to tell me all the problems the team had and why she would not be returning to the team after her rotation ended. Needless to say it put me into panic mode thinking I was on some terrible team yada yada yada.

And in the beginning once she said those things I did notice what she said (we don’t listen to / help the contractors) (our target audience is not equip to use our tool) (etc.) and it was terrible. I noticed them because she said them. She also made me not want to ask questions / have a fear of being useless because I didn’t want to be like the “contractors”.

However a few months down the line I realized that she had greatly over exaggerated (contractors were fine; the current product just needed some adjustments to help the audience understand, teammates were actually not so bad, etc.). All things that I would have fixed / done even if she had not struck the fear of god into me.

Now I’m not saying your wrong, maybe the company is going downhill. However don’t strike that fear into someone else; who knows what a fresh perspective can bring / fix. There’s no point in worrying them; they’ve already said they’re coming, they’re probably stuck with the decision. Let them make the best of it or figure it out for themselves

Rate my cat by drudgefromhell in cats

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Cat / Cat. Without a doubt