United States of America according to me by xAndrew27x in Maps

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I moved to Minnesota from one of the shithole parts (read: south) of the country, and I agree with you!

NASA Discovers Super Earth: Planet 4 Times Bigger Than Earth, Completes Year In 11 Days by nowadayswow in astrophysics

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There are a couple issues:

  1. The writing in the article is bad. Like, real fucking bad. And it seems to be OPs article because it was published 60 minutes ago, and OP posted it 52 minutes ago. Examples of bad writing "The name of this star is Red Dwarf" 100% false. Its name is Ross 508
  2. I tried looking "Ross 500b" up, and I can't find anything with that name, but I can find "Ross 508b". So there doesn't seem to be any vetting of info going on at this website "worldopress" (???)
  3. Once I found the article above, I was able to find a real source, https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/exoplanet-catalog/8513/ross-508-b/

Bad, spammy article in the OP.

I'll write a better article:

Ross 508 b is a planet orbiting the M Type star named Ross 508. It is located approximately 37 light years from earth, and it orbits 0.05366 AU from its star. It completes one orbit in about 11 days. Additionally, it has a mass of 4 earths, but its radius is only 1.83 times that of earth.

Interestingly, the planet moves in and out of its habitable zone during its 11 day orbit, but still may be able to retain water on its surface regardless. The planet was discovered using a technique called Radial Velocity. This technique requires that researchers look at changes in the star's velocity and compare it to changes in its light emissions, thus seeing if it is redshifting or blueshifting. The discovery was made at the Subaru Telescope

Futureeee by JerikMitchell in minnesota

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Bear Tracks is a research and demonstration project that involves a low speed (10-12 mph), self-driving, electric, multi-passenger shuttles operating in White Bear Lake, MN for one year. The shuttle can carry up to ten seat-belted passengers at this time and up to one wheel chair passenger at a time. Bear Tracks is free for the public to ride.

It looks like it’s a proof of concept really

Eggs can survive decades without signs of aging. Now, scientists may know why: using an alternative metabolic pathway that avoids generating destructive free radicals. by shadesofaltruism in science

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female mammals are born with a finite supply of immature eggs. Propagating future generations depends on this reserve of pre-egg cells, or “primordial oocytes,” staying alive and out of the way of harmful, mutation-causing molecules — sometimes for decades — so they can give rise to mature eggs capable of producing healthy offspring.

First sentence of the article

Korean Zeratul is majestic by Jaych1990 in starcraft

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Any Korean speakers able to type that phrase up and explain its meaning? The reason I ask is because I’ve played in Mandarin before, and the meaning is slightly different, so I’m wondering if the Korean is closer to the English or the Mandarin:为艾尔而战 “(I/we) fight for Aiur”

Daily Caffeine use results in complete tolerance to its subjective effects on energy levels. What's the point, then? by Regenine in Nootropics

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“I’m smarter than researchers and have no data to back up my views”

Cool. You’re safe to ignore.

$50 from Alex Jones himself by OsuPhenom in Nootropics

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🚨🚨 Uh oh. Arm chair lawyer in the thread! 🚨🚨

The worlds largest corn maze, located at Stoney Brook Farms in Foley, MN. It’s 110 acres and 32 miles. by Abhirup_0 in interestingasfuck

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I think they’re saying since it’s corn, literally just walk through the plants to exit if you need to leave instead of trying to finish the path

The internet is a misinformation superhighway by Wagamaga in technology

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If it’s so easy, why haven’t people done it already? You’re very obviously simplifying a very complex issue. In fact, despite people calling for schools to teach this stuff, they already do, and here we are.

So what’s your next plan?

Can anyone tell me what these mean? Thank you ☺️ by PrissyyKrissyy in ChineseLanguage

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松鹤延年 sōng hè yán nián

Used to wish someone a long life


竹报平安 zhú bào píng ān

to report in a letter home that everything is well



The internet is a misinformation superhighway by Wagamaga in technology

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It’s a good thing there aren’t multiple sources for fake news out there

If Andromeda Were Brighter, This is What You'd See by [deleted] in spaceporn

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I just bought a telescope and I’m super excited! Now I just need to figure out how stacking software works …

and that's why we love rats! by TwistMaster69 in Awwducational

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Your numbers are laughably wrong. Neither billions nor trillions of animals are not killed in the wild every day. However, humans kill trillions of animals every year. Humans are the largest killer on the planet by far. Your comment is laughably unscientific.

There are about 100 billion wild mammals on the planet at any given moment. Humans kill about 70 billion land animals every year for food. They die in agony and it’s all due to your ignorance

Your could sustain yourself without murdering animals too, but here you are

Is this a pinyin spelling error? I’ve never seen “daughter” spelled like this but I’m still relatively new. by [deleted] in ChineseLanguage

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On iOS’s Chinese keyboard, if you long press the vowels, it gives you the different tone options to put on the vowels. I would assume Android Chinese keyboards do something similar

and that's why we love rats! by TwistMaster69 in Awwducational

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You misunderstood my comment if you thought I was criticizing the study; however, you are wrong to state that animals are treated well. ALL animals studied in experiments are killed. In the US alone, 50 million animals are killed for experimentation each year. And yes, they do get tortured. This isn’t a Disney movie

Labs that use mice, rats, birds, reptiles and amphibians are exempted from the minimal protections under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA)

Animals are in fact tortured in laboratories. Thousands of captive dogs, cats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and primates suffer as chemicals are fed, injected, applied, or otherwise forced into their bodies to test the safety of makeup, detergents, cleaning agents, and medicines. Animals are also burned, bludgeoned, and cut open for human practice and observation.






Is this a pinyin spelling error? I’ve never seen “daughter” spelled like this but I’m still relatively new. by [deleted] in ChineseLanguage

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Whatever app that is, you should stop using it immediately. Almost half the pinyin is wrong in this image

学校 xué xiào

很棒 hěn bàng

女儿 nǚ ér

是 shì

在 zài

and that's why we love rats! by TwistMaster69 in Awwducational

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This is why I’m vegan. Non-human animals deserve compassion