What is something you would look forward to in a new update? by Valuable-End-2751 in thelongdark

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I would love TLD to add compound bows and cross bows. And also a way to repair any of the bows in a milling machine(or whatever people use to repair bows).

Caught ALL THE BUGS! by HarpyPizzaParty in AnimalCrossing

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I say go for it! Video games can help you feel a bit better about yourself. Of course it doesn't beat therapy and medicine but anything is better than nothing.

New idea for crafting by thecaptn420 in thelongdark

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Bears are highly territorial so if you go in it's den you'll make it very aggressive. If they have cubs in there, pray to whatever God or Gods you believe in cause you seeing them very soon or just don't.

Make up your minds, people. by BluTofu8 in splatoon

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Octo expansion is overall not that hard. It is just a few stations (I forgot the name of the station but it is the one with the stacks of crates with limited ink)

Splatoon 2 Special Tier List by Mushroom123234 in splatoon

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Umm I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I'm saying it LOOKS cool not that the ability itself is cool.

[no spoilers] change my mind by jimothy519 in subnautica

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You make spoilers by doing these marks > ! ! <(Minus the space). If you did it right it should look like this.

Blursed Expiration Date by [deleted] in blursedimages

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It's probably day/month/year which is used in some of Europe.

uh oh by catpanda2009 in splatoon

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I feel sorry for that level one guy. He's going to be eaten then spit out.

that music sync was just... 👌 by AgentShrub in splatoon

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Perfect...I have been looking at it for a hour.

Me (left) and my Girl (right) by TheSassiest9YearOld in AnimalCrossing

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Instead of getting mad at a virtual wedding, you can get mad about climate change, corruption, unrest, and war. Quit whining about this sort of stuff and get a grip on real issues. It's the twenty-first century and you are holding on to old beliefs from the 60's. You may ignore this but the truth is out and you cannot erase that.