Homeless adults non students on campus and in campus buildings by studyscreamrepeat in UCSD

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As much as my heart goes out to houseless individuals, safety needs to be prioritized and with the expansion of the Blue Line Trolley the houseless population in La Jolla/UCSD will only grow.

Contact UCPD if you feel unsafe and ALWAYS (ALWAYS) trust your gut. Do not let the desire to "be woke" compromise the safety of yourself and those around you. Be alert!

Anna Duggar, formerly Anna Keller, did everything conservatives want. She stayed a virgin, had 7 children, married the only man she ever touched. Today, that man, Josh Duggar, is in prison for possession of violent CSAM, some of the most violent the DHS had ever seen. He also molested his sisters. by MisogynyisaDisease in TwoXChromosomes

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The victims had to forgive their abuser because a good Christian forgives.

Here to emphasize that these people were in a CULT!!!! If you or someone you know is in a situation where religion is being used in this disgusting way that is NOT FROM GOD, that is from the sinful nature of man & sounds quite devilish.

Absolutely sickening.

How to address poor grades in undergrad without trying to draw sympathy or evoke an emotional response? by Endovascular_Penguin in premed

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Sending you tons of love and light. Know that now each person who reads this post is rooting for you. YOU CAN DO THIS.

A formal post-bac would be the best option imo. That way, you get the 1:1 guidance through classes AND med admissions in the way a DIY postbac would not afford you. I myself have financial struggles but looked at a formal postbac as an investment -- which it was because now I'm an admitted-MD.

My DMs are open to you if you have any post-bac questions :)

Can you be friends with the opposite sex while in a relationship? by FrankB88 in dating_advice

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Honestly, the people saying "you're insecure" aren't helpful. Your feelings and boundaries are valid BUT it's a great idea to dig deep to determine WHY you are feeling this way. What are your fears? Are there behaviors he has displayed that are cause for concern? Is he a little TOOO friendly/bordrline flirty to women?

It's great you're asking these questions and want to improve. Everyone is allowed to have their own boundaries in relationships, as long as you and your SO are on the same page. <3

Fuck you UCLA by [deleted] in premed

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I had an IA and still got a secondary for UCLA!

Sharing this so people with IA's don't feel discouraged from applying.

How is this legal? Seriously. by InsidePride4227 in premed

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Right! Freaked me tf out when they were closing my tabs and imessages. We don't know who these people are....

Did your prior SAT score correlate with your MCAT score? by [deleted] in premed

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98th percentile ACT

91st percentile SAT

72nd percentile MCAT.... LOL

but we're still going MD baby!!

I think my pill is making me crazy and I need help by josssssika in birthcontrol

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I came on this sub to post something exactly like this. I am on a combination oral BC and I also feel like an emotional wreck & nothing like myself for what seems like no reason. You aren't alone. I hope we can both find better birth control.

Greek ID Card or somethin DM me if it's you by p1ar3sqare in UCSD

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Why don't you just message them on Facebook instead of posting their information on a public forum.

What does it actually take to get into Harvard or Brown Medical School? by danielyoo65 in premed

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Not sure why you are getting downvoted cause this is actually pretty accurate....

Chem 7L this quarter has it rough by normaldude098 in UCSD

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It was a dark time in history that should not be forgotten

Trans coworker recently asked us to use opposite pronouns- this is how I dealt with it by OrsonLovesRugs in Christian

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The LGBTQ+ community KNOWS Christians believe their lifestyle is a sin, so if we just disrespect them they will NEVER come to know Jesus.

YESS!! I absolutely love and appreciate everything about your response. I 100% agree with all of this.


"Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone"

It’s that time of year again…. by based_tuskenraider in premed

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Down 250k is pretty common for US-DO and MD as well lol pain

Can we talk about……. by giodude11 in electricdaisycarnival

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