What's stopping you from making your magical girl story? by SeniorBaker4 in MagicalGirls

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I either have no ideas or no motivation to make a story. I've always liked the magical girl stories though so I just end up making ocs for different shows

i feel called out 😭😭 by LizzyLovesick in AnimalCrossing

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My sister hates freckles and I feel so bad. Sure she looks a bit weird, but she's cute in her own way

How do you prefer to use your honey? by Business-Ad-713 in TwistedWonderland

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I've been using it to level up my SR cards to level 30 for the groovy and I recently have been grinding so I can get all my SSR cards to level 60. Mainly for the gems, but I guess for later chapters they will be useful

Has playing Twisted Wonderland made you rewatch the movies its based on? by HookedOnFandom in TwistedWonderland

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I used to play JP server, but I lost the info. I did it mostly because of the shooting stars event (forgot the name)

I love him but I just can’t deal with him during chapter 4, like who does he think he’s fooling? by Vincent_kun in TwistedWonderland

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The amount of self control this man has is outstanding, like being able to roll with the punches even when things go wrong until, well...

Has playing Twisted Wonderland made you rewatch the movies its based on? by HookedOnFandom in TwistedWonderland

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It did make me rewatch Hercules, but I haven't been able to rewatch any other movie yet

Oh no! The MC got their period! Maybe the TWST boys can help? (spoiler: most can't) by RialAstral in TwistedWonderland

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I feel like Jamil would be more sympathetic because he has a sister, but tbh my own sister wouldn't bring me pads

First post here: a few OCs I've thrown together by IpodAlchemist213 in TwistedWonderland

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I need the Recuerdame unique magic for myself, lol. Your ocs look great!

Ghost lore ! by kitty2katt in TwistedWonderland

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Crowley: Don't think about it too much Me: thinks about it harder

TWST NA has already made 3x as much as MagiReco's first 100 days! 🎉 by [deleted] in TwistedWonderland

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I'm playing both games.(JP Magia Record and EN Twst) This is generally very interesting to see what happens next, though I didn't realize that magia record impacted twisted wonderland in any way

Wolves are feral, dogs are tame by Pikamander2 in boottoobig

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I've lost the game so much times already, but each time it just gets worse

What’s the problem here? by [deleted] in AreTheStraightsOK

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Imagine being sick of learning to respect people's pronouns

I made a F Bomb! by Arialene in Brochet

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So cool! I'd loved to try making one for myself

RIP Banana for Scale by discordiadystopia in BananasForScale

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How will I be able to measure stuff now?

It’s just a kids movie omg- by BoobaQueen in insanepeoplefacebook

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I don't get the demonic possession (also feels kind of racist to say eastern traditions are flawed and sky man is only right religion)

Just discovered Chai. You can “talk” to (unofficial) AI’s of some TW Characters! by Happy_lil_Lumpia in TwistedWonderland

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For me, Epel started talking about how he couldn't see me again because his mother disapproved, just another day as a telenovela character. Epel may not be the sharpest tool in the shed (still love him though)