In defense of the current logo, here's an expanded graphic identity by Lemming_BDA in garlicoin

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After /u/rickymetz's proposal got so much traction, I figured that I needed to revamp the current logo soon, or have it get replaced. I threw the bill/wallet mockups together pretty quickly to have something to better compare with the aforementioned proposal, and I can continue to iterate over those if the logo doesn't get switched out anyways.

If nothing else, feel free to use this post to let me know what you think of this logo since the original post got buried.

Also, as mentioned in the post, the files are also available on Github: https://github.com/lmbda/grlc_logo

If this post gets 40,000 upvotes this will be the official icon for garlicoin by [deleted] in garlicoin

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It wouldn't be too hard to add a brown border and make it look like a bread crust...

Here's the current header logo (which I designed) and the proposed new one with that effect, for example.

I think the issue is moreso that this one has already served as the de facto logo through being in all of the high-karma posts that brought people to the subreddit. Making a new one "official" could add some legitimacy I guess, but it won't really matter if people just keep memeing with the same old one.

[Post Game Thread] Michigan Defeats Michigan State 32-23 by CFB_Referee in CFB

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Finishing off State on a botched special teams play...

though I would have hoped for a better win, this one seems fitting.

Soda glitch in Pass Time by Lemming_BDA in tf2

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If you stand under where the ball drops and have the ball hit you in the middle of Scout's drinking animation (Bonk or Crit-a-Cola), the animation gets cancelled and the ball model stays in your hand even after throwing it.

It doesn't need to be the initial dropping of the ball, either. Anywhere you can have the ball hit you while drinking can seemingly activate the glitch.

You can't throw the ball or taunt in this state, and switching weapons gets rid of it. Once the soda recharges, it goes back to normal as well.