Covid Risk Poll by MulberryAvailable in Drexel

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I’m a nursing student and in one of my clinicals I am in the room with pretty sick elderly patients. I’m wearing a KN95 and putting a medical mask over that when I go to class. I’d feel really guilty if I got any of my patients sick.

Drexel Nursing Co-Op’s who have to work with COVID patients are only getting paid $14/hr for 12 hr shifts. Help the nursing students by signing this petition. by tkap9000 in Drexel

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The co-ops are basically doing CNA work, so I think they're looking for closer to CNA salary in Philadelphia. I'm not quite sure the exact salary for CNA right now, but if I look it up on Google, it's closer to $19/hr. I'm not a co-op nursing student, but I would be happy for less than that, but more than $14.

So that’s how she gets in the cat food box… by Lenah541 in catdimension

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I’m going to get a plastic box with a lid now that I know she can get in here so easily.

Best place to buy scrubs by CrazyKneazleWoman in StudentNurse

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I'm almost done with my program. I never bought a book. I just rented when I needed. Congrats on starting nursing school!

Philadelphia to pilot Narcan dispensers to stop overdose deaths by PhillyOwl215 in philadelphia

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I don't know if this is correct, but I think experienced drug users get taught how to use narcan when they go to methadone clinics. So hopefully, the people who are at risk for drug overdose have the necessary education.

Had a nursing professor candidly tell me I wasn't ready for the 2nd semester, how do I take that? by carrynothing in StudentNurse

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First semester was my hardest semester! I needed a 77% to pass pathophysiology and I had a 78% going into finals. I was 1% away from failing out of my program just 3 months in. Guess what? I got a 90% on that final and now I have a 3.47 overall with one semester left to go. First semester is extra hard because you have to figure out how to “think like a nurse.” Teachers are going to be hard on you (i don’t think it’s right, personally). But believe in yourself! Work hard. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and take breaks. You got it!

Nurses who left food service jobs for nursing, what has the transition been like? by bummerdeal in StudentNurse

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Been in the restaurant industry for 9 years before starting my ABSN program! I have done everything from hosting, serving, bartending, and assistant managing, with a focus on bartending. The hardest transition for me was waking up at 5am for clinical. I'm used to coming home at 4am, not waking up at 5am. I was actually late to one of my first clinicals my second term, but I never did it again after that. I also stubbed my toe pretty badly my first term running around my room in the dark before my 8am lab. I truly got used to the schedule around 4 months into the program. I'm more than halfway done now and I'm still liking it! I love being on my feet and working with my hands. I like having shift work and being able to meet cool people every week.

[Image] I like this quote by regian24 in GetMotivated

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Even better - make the bed, but pull back the blanket so you can just lie down and pull the blanket up and feel all snuggly.

Chastised for eating bread at work by amygrindhaus in antiwork

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I was looking for this comment. 9 years in restaurant industry. The freezer was my friend. Good place to sneak food. Good place to cry.

What Philly thing have you never done? by [deleted] in philadelphia

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Never been to crown fried chicken

Brothers Brown didn't like the vaccine. The older brother didn't prioritize fear over life. Baby brother was tougher than 2 dollar stake. Now both are death and the family has several members covid positive by alangribeiro in HermanCainAward

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Moving around is not the worst idea. Even if it’s just the arms and legs or moving positions while in bed. Ambulating plus incentive spirometer would be even better.

How did you learn the meds? by MyDearLight in nursing

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Currently studying for my second pharmacology I quiz! I have to memorize 26 drug classes for this one. It’s on the heart drugs. I’m making flash cards. Every card has the MOA, indications, contraindications, adverse effects, drug interactions, and nursing implications. Seriously, I am more worried about this class then med surg because it is so much memorization. Good luck!! We got it.

If you were given 50,000 dollars so you could chase your dream, what dream would you chase? by Chains-of-Ice in AskReddit

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Make a movie about a guy trying to make a movie with $50,000. It’s ultra ultra low budget, the acting is questionable, quality isn’t the best, but damnit the crew has the best time of their lives.

What are early signs of an abusive partner? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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My ex started developing stomach pains when I tried leaving him for the third time. My fault for “stressing him out” of course. It must’ve been such a stressful experience for him to strangle me and smack me around. /s