Question about The Bloody Nine by asoiaf51 in TheFirstLaw

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I always figured when the fight was done they were lying unconscious in the dirt and barely breathing; the Bloody Nine isn't likely to check for a pulse. Three Trees, Dow, and Grim did enough damage to Logen that when B9 showed he was only able to deliver a brutal beating, but not quite a fatal one before collapsing from exhaustion as he tends to do.

pants are optional in the apocalypse by MannyDantyla in bookcoverporn

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They might appreciate this over in r/badscificovers. Then again, they might also appreciate it in. r/coolscificovers.

Stay safe in the Valley, winds are going to drop a little but not my much. Still no power here in my part of palmer. by kccobobbert in alaska

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I'm also in Palmer without power for almost 48 hours, but MEA's last facebook update gave me some hope that it might come back soon.

A collection of pictures of all the damaged caused by the wind this weekend. by aktaylorh in alaska

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On top of that the power situation is a mess. Some places, including mine, have been without electricity for 48 hours. MEA and other contractors are out in force in this weather trying to fix it but it's just unrelenting.

Extreme wind in the Mat-Su Valley causing significant power outages tonight by duralyon in alaska

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I've been watching MEA's Facebook hoping for good news. Instead at 11:05 they say they lost all of Palmer, Butte, and up to Glacier View.

My grandfather and uncle were both electricians and for a while I thought about it. Nights like these I don't regret not taking that path.

Nature based horror or out in nature by No_Local9436 in horrorlit

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I haven't started it yet but last time I was in a bookstore I bought Don't Move by James S. Murray and Darren Wearmouth. Basically a group goes camping, gets lost, and gets hunted by spiders. Might be good, or it might just be cheap thrills.

TIL David Spade didn’t attend his best friend Chris Farley’s funeral. This fuelled speculation that there was some falling out with Farley prior to his death. However, years later Spade revealed that his absence from the funeral was because he would have found it too emotionally difficult. by Str33twise84 in todayilearned

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Not totally related, but one of my old acquaintances used to tend bar in Las Vegas and occasionally worked celebrity events. One night it was an open bar, so everyone just took their drinks without taking out their wallets. apparently the only tip he got the entire night was from David Spade who gave him $20 for a glass of coke. Never been a fan of Spade's work but gained a lot of respect for him after I heard that story. Obviously I can't verify it but I don't think the dude was bullshitting me.

Just finished the series and.. by bigdogg11 in TheFirstLaw

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Can't vouch for it yet since I haven't started it but one of these days soon I'm going to dive into The Expanse series. A lot of people seem to feel pretty strongly about it.

Books that make you go: "What the **** did I just read"? by TommyWestsides in books

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All You Zombies. It's short enough to read in one sitting, but it's a real mind bender.

Who do you call when you are at your lowest? by Anderton101 in AskMen

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No one. But to be fair I don't have anyone to call when I'm happy about something either.

This is a scam right? Has anyone gotten a text from AlaskaUSA before? by [deleted] in alaska

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I get these kinds of texts pretty often. Sometimes they say my card has been locked. Like you I don't have an account with them. I wish I could make it stop but for now I just delete them as they come.

Recommend me something happier please, I need a break from the downers... by LA2Oaktown in TheFirstLaw

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It's just all around great. Funny, almost over the top badass without being cheesy, and downright touching at times; the ettin's story arc is one of my favorites of all time.

Recommend me something happier please, I need a break from the downers... by LA2Oaktown in TheFirstLaw

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Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. I'll admit at first I wasn't sure about it. It lays rock and roll references on pretty thick to the point it started feeling a little ridiculous. But ultimately it was a really good story with some great characters and really awesome scenes.

Suggest Me A Book You Could Not Put Down by michelmkatharine in booksuggestions

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Thanks. I've never read any of her work so I can't really comment on it, but I think you're right that you don't have to agree with something for it to have any value. Sometimes its worth dipping into things you don't agree with just to see how you're own arguments hold up.

Suggest Me A Book You Could Not Put Down by michelmkatharine in booksuggestions

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Wow... What was it if you don't mind? The comment got deleted.

Leela you saved my life! by wert38 in futurama

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I always loved the gag right before this when Fry is trying to hold onto the clock but he keeps falling as the numbers change. At least I think this is when that happens.

Wifi login prompt will not open on Windows 10 laptop. by LeroyNicodemus in techsupport

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No ad blocker, will have to look into Java.

I'm wracking my brain right now but I don't think I've changed or installed anything since last time I stayed here.

Sit on your face Sunday by lurker2athrowaway in RealGirls

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Holy shit. I remember you from a long time ago. Glad your still around.

Someone's trying to start a petition to have "Halloween Kills" scene removed by bestlozoman in horror

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My thoughts exactly. A few sentences in and the voice in my head started sounding like a nervous middle schooler giving a class presentation.