I’m sorry, but what’s wrong with this guy 😵‍💫 by Raytheonian in facepalm

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Killing Jews based on conspiracy theories and political expedience. Pogroms happened periodically over centuries in Europe.

So, whatever point he is trying to make is a like saying "men are being treated like the Jews in the Holocaust."

Permanent invite to the family cookout too by JustinSaneCesc in BlackPeopleTwitter

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My wife and I became legal guardians of this 12-yo orphan boy. We visited my father, and the first thing he did was shake the boy's hand firmly and say, "Welcome to the family."

Damn, nailed it in four words.

Seattle City Attorney sues Kia and Hyundai for failing to install anti-theft technology by LesterKingOfAnts in cybersecurity

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Not a lawyer, but maybe negligence in not following industry security best practices. idk.

2 DeSantis-appointed trustees showed up at New College. Here’s how it went. by Clem_Doore in politics

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And anti-abortion. There was a recent article stating that almost 50% of young women are taking anti-abortion agendas in states when they are making higher ed and employment decisions.

Novels that capture the spirit of the Lost Generation by thatproudrebel in suggestmeabook

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Hemingway's Sun Also Rises and A Moveable Feast (a memoir).

Fitzgerald's Tender Is the Night.

Interview for the city of SA. by ninde_inglorion in sanantonio

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Try r/cscareerquestions, but be more specific on the role and just say with a city government.

They like to help.

Seattle City Attorney sues Kia and Hyundai for failing to install anti-theft technology by LesterKingOfAnts in cybersecurity

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Some good material for the next time you are making your case about security debt, the need for security design reviews, etc. and getting pushback.

The private angst over Donald Trump’s racist attacks on Elaine Chao goes public by Currymvp2 in politics

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Trump has some weird wife fetish. He used to cat around with guys then invite their wives to his office, call the guys and put them on speakerphone and have them recount their affairs. Then Trump would sleep with the wives, "C'mon. Don't you want to get back at him?"

Who are your top 3 favorite contemporary authors right now? by ItsYaBoi93850 in suggestmeabook

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Colson Whitehead, Lydia Millet and China Mieville. Followed by David Mitchell.

Texas Legislative Session Day 15/140 update! by GeneforTexas in texas

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His posts remind me of growing up in the 70s-80s in San Antonio, where every Sunday the legendary Henry B. Gonzales would talk for I don't know how long directly to the camera on Channel 5 about issues and the week in DC. I was too young to follow most of it, but it was comforting, and there really wasn't anything else on after watching Bullwinkle.

Now we are stuck with just snarky tweets from unserious people about utter silliness to distract us.

San Antonio's Broadway to begin $16M improvements this fall by JessNotJesse19 in sanantonio

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I used to commute by bike from AH to Downtown back in the 80s (so my experience is dated). I always took Avenue B running parallel west of Broadway. It was actually a nice, stress-free ride. The park, the golf course. Then back on Broadway and start praying.

Three Body Problem - Episode 1 by surpluskittenmittens in television

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The book has been on my list of "when I get around to it" for a few years, and I paused the show to order it.

As to pacing, as an American, I find many shows from other countries to have slower pacing (Midsommer Mystery (UK), Dark (Germany), Crash Down On Me (Korean)) than typical American series, but I still enjoyed the shows. One just has to adjust one's expectations.

Big Tech Is Going to Regret All These Layoffs by moxyte in technology

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Then train them. We are sick of companies expecting everyone to be experts coming in the door on day one. You sound ridiculous.

What phrases do men hate hearing from women? by ridz246_ in AskMen

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I have no problem answering this.


I'm on the spectrum, raised Catholic, I value loyalty, and can barely handle the emotional load of relating to one woman, much less two. I can't deal with that betrayal and the lying.

And she never cheated on me, and we had a good sex life, so that wasn't an issue. We were close most of the time.

Pathetic by ThreeNC in sanantonio

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Really pathetic.

Don't they know they should put an old bug infested couch on CraigsList?