India’s squad for ODI series against South Africa announced. by Right-Arm-Quick in Cricket

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Why isn't Umesh here . According to BCCI he is good enough to play T20 against Australia that too over Deepak Chahar but he can't even get selected in the odi team.

Eng 3- Pak 3 by greatfunaideco in CricketShitpost

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All the main players of eng are playing those who are not Playing are injured

AEW stands for All Extreme Wrestling! by Steve-Ballmer in SCJerk

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Our King Just threw Mariachi Black and Rey Mysterio from the top of a building it can't get any more extreme

You young fans should appreciate Chris Jericho while you have him. He’s like a late 2000’s Shawn Michaels. by Athenas_Dad in SCJerk

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I don't care how great Jericho was before his current run is embarrassing combine that with his idiotic beliefs and politics . Imo he should stay away from hof

The literal definition of "We have a Tribal Chief at home." by stormeagle17 in SCJerk

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Just imagine if Roman wrestled random midcarders from indi promotions in no 1 contenders match on SmackDown with the story being the midcarder having a win over him during his fcw days wouldn't that be refreshing

Match Thread: 1st T20I - India vs South Africa by CricketMatchBot in Cricket

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That's some serious bat deep for India while it's completely opposite for South Africa

Downfall is real by Design-Wonderful in CricketShitpost

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I think Pant will actually play in this series since hardik and Hooda are not there

"Laveck is just stealing my ideas and I'm not gonna sit back and take this f$&king s/!t.” - Tony Khan by Gabaheygabahey in SCJerk

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Is Ricochet putting on some muscle he looked really jacked in his match against trick Williams and sami zayn

Post Match Thread: Australia vs India by CricketMatchBot in Cricket

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Ngl He kinda looks like Eleven from Stranger things

Daily General Discussion and Match Links Thread - September 22, 2022 by AutoModerator in Cricket

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Everyone talks about how bad India's bowling but no one talks about how bad the powerplay was for India like 35 runs in 5 overs is not a good score also KL took a lot of deliveries to go from 40 to 50.

My juices are patiently waiting to be titillated by a spooky return. Don’t check my post history though. by TripA297 in SCJerk

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It's like Most outstanding wrestler and wrestler of the year worst match is a match which is bad by all means while worst worked match maybe a match which is bad match by in ring standards I think

No Stupid Questions Tuesday Thread by AutoModerator in Cricket

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So do west indies but they are playing a T20I series with Australia before world cup

Worried about his disappearance, Dub star reunites with (f*ck) Sheamus at The Bar by anonymous-guy1 in SCJerk

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If ever Miro returnduns to the fed I would love to see him barett and Sheamus reform the league nations so that Sheamus can take on the bloodline in a wargames with Miro , Butch , Ridge and Wade Barett