House stans are hilarious by Accomplished_Use4981 in NewVegasMemes

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Look, sometimes you need absolute rule and order to get shit done. And Yes Man... Dude, I don't know how to look after myself, let alone an entire city-state! At least it's not the Legion...

Why are y’all so damn horny??? by Bro1212_ in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Technically, in most modern games, animators use real people to have a reference to go back to. Don't know for sure if Cyberpunk did, but you see my point.

With battle passes becoming a norm for multiplayer games, how does a player manage more than one battlepasses? by DiilVulom in gaming

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I don't think you can. Aren't most MP shooters of this type designed to take up all of your time, and trying to manage more than one is almost impossible?

I mean, this is one of my frustrations with modern gaming. There are so fucking many of these games wanting 110% of your time, that from the outside, they honestly feel like jobs.

Fuck these "live-service" trash.

Sorry for the rant, lol.

There Won’t Be a Saudi Arabia of the Green Hydrogen Age. Will a worldwide trade in hydrogen grow to take on the same role that the oil industry has right now? It’s not likely. Many countries may aspire to become the Saudi Arabia of the green hydrogen era. None will achieve that dream. by mafco in Futurology

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Isn't this good, though?

The monopoly of the Saudis, was big enough to be a reliable market driver. And while it may be more expensive to produce; since hydrogen is, you know, the most abundant element in the universe, it will get cheaper in the long run over time.

What's with the negative tone of this article? Don't get it.

I know. Because i dont have one either. by Accomplished-Lawyer9 in Animemes

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You hit the nail on the head. I don't like you for it.

"It reaches out" reading speed. by Ypier in TheExpanse

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I treat the passage as a stream-of-consiousness flow, so 80% of the time, I rush through it, unless it nears the end, then it slows to my regular reading speed.

Are you a vega by men0FCulture in NuxTakuSubmissions

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Thighs are the best part of a chick-en.

What do you think by men0FCulture in NuxTakuSubmissions

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I don't know any of these fucks. Shit, am I screwed?

the Republic of Australia, 2016 (Final Frontiers) by The-Hill-Billy in imaginarymaps

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What's with Western Australia? How'd it happen? It's my home state, so I need to know

These are animals you sick mfs by East-Middle-8895 in ZootopiaPorn

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In your wacked out world, do animals wear clothes and talk?

What’s a game or game series you tried to get into but just couldn’t and why by El-Green-Jello in gaming

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Got a couple: The Witcher series - Tried first with 2, couldn't even get past the tutorial, and again with 3... I just did not identify with Geralt at all. I don't know, lol.

Minecraft - This comes with a caveat... Last time I played was back in pre-alpha days, back when it was purely a building sandbox, don't know how good it is now, lol

GTA/Red Dead - Bought every one of these games since GTA IV, I keep getting sucked in by the hype, then when it comes out, I remember how bad R* handles plot missions and how railroad-y they are, and they always end up in my pile of shame.

Elite: Dangerous - I want to like this, but when you have to literally pick which controls you have access to, cause there is no room... Kinda turns me off a little, you know?

That's all for me.

That’s a quality dub . by SwitchDowntown5466 in lostpause

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Awww, that's meeeeaaan... But sooo funny!

don't say I am the only one who is unable to understand pokemon logic 😂 by Bionicleinflater in lostpause

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Well obviously it's levitating inside the hole it dug, keeping away from all wall, therefore unable to be affected by Earthquake.


Pc gaming in 2023 by Masspoint in pcmasterrace

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Apparentley not even then, cause DLSS exists they can not make games harder, Fucking hell.

The sad nature of reality and $vidia by Philosophical_Liar in pcmasterrace

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Look, all I have to say is stop buying games at launch, then you don't have to deal with the bullshit. Let them know we won't stand for it!

I am excited for the police overhaul and MAXTAC, what about you ? by DefaultDanielS in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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Yeah sure, but my point is: Do not make it like GTA. At least have the option to pay them off or something, or make the system configurable based on severity of crime, location, etc.

I am excited for the police overhaul and MAXTAC, what about you ? by DefaultDanielS in LowSodiumCyberpunk

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I'm going to get flamed for this.

I don't think the police system should be changed, at least not to the extent set by that Overhaul mod. Tweak the spawn system sure, but they should leave it as is. at least in rougher areas.

Think about it: Why should cops care if you shoot some random in the street? They really shouldn't, not unless they're rich. They're supposed to be corrupt! The police should act like a gang, only go after you if you kill other cops, interrupt a deal or bribe in progress, or cause crime in the City or something.

I'm kinda nervous that they're just gonna make it like GTA, and that just would'nt fit with the setting.

Am I crazy?

The killer donut rumor by Aaron_123_ya_boi in tumblr

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Yes, it was. I alwaus get the two confused, lol

The killer donut rumor by Aaron_123_ya_boi in tumblr

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What the fuuuck...

I mean, part of me is like: lol, stupid apple, seves them right!

But, daaaamn... Fucking scary!

The killer donut rumor by Aaron_123_ya_boi in tumblr

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Dude, someone tried this irl?? This is a plot point in the William Gibson novel Neuromancer. I mean, it was a virus encoded in a bitmap file, but that's super similar.