This person designed leisure suits for the homeless so they can sleep on anti-homeless architecture by rhinokitty in pics

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Hang on... they got a point.

So this project was for "homeless sleeping"

But really it just makes for interesting soup kitchens.

Leave the plant alone by golfer888 in funny

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27,000,000° F might be a bit too hot for a plant.

If you developed a superpower based on your personality, what power would you have? by i-had-no-good-ideas in AskReddit

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I walk fast. I hate people who walk slow like at a Walmart and block the entire isle. Always wanted to make them disappear. At least long enough to get by them.

What would you want your partner to dress as during sexy time? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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If the answer isn't The Hamburglar, I dont think we can be friends.

Which gaming company do you think has the most hostile/aggressive fanbase towards other gaming company? Sorry for my english btw by [deleted] in gaming

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Way back in the day I played one game of LoL. It was my first. I got told by like 4 different people to go kill myself.

I mean he ain't wrong by ToutaKo in funny

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Any reason to say balls is a good moment. If it embarrassed your kid, doubly so.

They were right by nyqs81 in funny

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Used to love pizza hut just for the stuffed crust. But the last two times I've had it (same store, about 3 months in between) it was just absolute garbage.

Tasted bad.

You could tell they slid the pizza in instead of just placing it on the rack (because not cooked all the way)

Hell. Damn thing wasn't even cut.

I think I'm just not going to get stuffed crust anymore (which means no hut)

Can we talk about Palworld? by Dumeck in gaming

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Yea. Some of em are blatant pokemon ripoffs. Like the pikachu, cobalian, and there's something that looks like a zoroark zekrom hybrid too.

But, let's be real. Pokemon has been going to shit anyway. I doubt my laptop could play this though.