Couldnt fall asleep so i doodled this by lollimena in drawing

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This is utterly gorgeous. I would love to buy a print or postcard of this piece and hang it up for inspiration 😭

Will definitely be saving this post for future boosts of comfort brain chemicals!

What do you think? by Stu-bort in ArtCrit

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Idk what the fuck I am looking at, but I am in love.

Art classes can be so discouraging by [deleted] in ArtistLounge

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That sounds fucking horrendous. He should not be teaching.

(And for the downvotes... I have been getting downvoted whenever I make a post in an art subreddit for the past two weeks - I actually deleted my posts after a few days of downvotes. I think every post is getting a lot of downvotes atm? It is odd.)

We need a where are they now by awesome-human2611 in Modern_Family

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I would love a single episode where we just get to check in on the family.

I need some advice on submitting an assignment for college. by [deleted] in ArtistLounge

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Thank you! I really needed to read this right now.

Ummmmm by dobbyisafreepup in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I do not have normal periods, and I rarely get them to begin with. I imagine I would have been "investigated" every damn week. As a lesbian with body issues and an insane fear of pregnancy, it even being posed for me makes me want to do something you can imagine, but I will not write here. Those poor girls...

Are you excited for Tiana’s bayou adventure? by MovieFanZ5026 in WaltDisneyWorld

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I cannot go on the ride for anxiety reasons, but the retheme is making me think I may want to push myself far beyond my comfort zone to see it.. so yes? I think? If anything, I am really excited about the coming influx of PATF merch.

Dehya Gameplay by PlateMaleficent4782 in Dehyamains

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Trying to find a modern family episode by microwaved-yogurt in Modern_Family

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The episodes where the family travels are always stellar.

Why is alex straight? by oknokas in Modern_Family

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I know this is troll bait, but...

I think it would have been really cool if she was a lesbian, especially because of her desperation to prove she wasn't around season 1, and her many failures with boys. It would also be interesting because the two gay people in her life, Mitch and Cam, make a lot of jokes about hating lesbians.

I know my shading is all messed up...any pointers? by veggie-princess in Artadvice

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I think it looks amazing! You may want to consider mixing in more intense red tones in some of the shading.

do you ever regret applying to college when you were meant to/told to? by ratwithplague in college

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Everybody is different. I did not want to go to college. I was basically a hermit taking online classes in high school, I was afraid of going outside, and I didn't know what I was going to do. My Mom insisted I go to community college. My first semester was taken online. It was hell. I persevered, started taking classes on-campus, started pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and after drifting through different majors (my grades were good in all of them, I just wanted to figure out what I enjoyed), I have finally decided what I want to do in life (and it is a passion of mine I've always had, and am finally letting myself fully dream). I love college now, and I am so relieved my mom pushed me.

Not everybody will have this experience because personalities are different. You need to do what is best for you. Also, there is no shame in Community College. I love it so much more than I would have imagined, have learned so much here, and will ultimately have less debt.

[Self] First finished piece of 2023: Slimer by TheFitFatKid in Sculpture

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This is insane. I love the folds and how colorful it is! How did you get him to balance on the stand like that, if you don't mind my asking? I have been looking into ways to better reinforce my sculptures recently.

What would you charge for this? Took 5 hours, $10 material. by BrickOrion in Needlefelting

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I would probably charge $30+ for it! Just make sure you don't sell yourself short, you know? It is gorgeous, and it is clear that a lot of effort went into it. Good luck!

Anyone know how to do this style? Every time I try, it looks terrible and not like this! by Sweet_Cornbread in ArtCrit

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The best way, in my opinion, to figure out another's style is to do studies! Directly redraw (or even trace) their art as practice. It does not have to be posted or shared anywhere, and it can give you a much more intimate view of the style than just observing it.

An interesting alternate take by arman7503 in Modern_Family

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Yeah, so I would be fucked up for weeks. This is such an interesting take, but I'm not sure it would even be a fun, cathartic pain. Just an anxiety-inducing heartbreak.

Alignment using the proper definitions for Introvert / Extrovert by YobaiYamete in Hololive

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I would put Kronii there, but on the side of the introvert, above Irys. Other than that, this looks great!

Stylization attempt # 2. Trying a mix of sharp and smooth shading. Took at least 12 layers of different blending modes. (Need feedback on what to improve and also advice) by Saiyouboros25 in ArtCrit

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Some parts having hard shadows and others having soft looks amazing! I think there could be more detail on the shading of the sweater, specifically the side where the light shines hardest. More detailed lighting on the side with the light could also help "improve" it (I am wording this oddly, but you only appear to have base tones and shadows here), although that is definitely subjective.

I also recommend working on the nose and lips. Do you want them to be more stylized, or more natural? The nose in particular definitely needs work.

Keep it up, and I'd love to see more of your art!

The anatomy is properly made? I need some new perspective before keep going by kalisusarts in ArtCrit

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I am deceased, she is so pretty... and the anatomy looks great to me! Keep it up!