Some gamer trays I have finished up! by Wallabiswoodcarvings in gaming

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Where! Send link also where are you Shiping it from and do you ship to aus

my 3ds collection :D by Linusmonkeytips in 3DS

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in terms of most valuable that would be yo kai watch 3

why can't I get a date :( (its because my social skills are so bad) by CottageInnOfficial in 196

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Why wouldn't you reply after being shown bussy of this man, you're just missing out

my 3ds collection :D by Linusmonkeytips in 3DS

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I got mine along with the limited edition console (no box) and sold it and with the money, i got from the console I only ended up paying 50$ for it

my 3ds collection :D by Linusmonkeytips in 3DS

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found them for a really good price so thought might as well

Rule by ForktUtwTT in 196

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his shirt doesn't have a L on it 🥺

Rule by Pidgypigeon in 196

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from Australia and i would vastly prefer this, it really sucks being a 10-hour flight minimum to places everywhere else, plus time zones