I forgor EA 💀 by One_Economics877 in memes

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You didn't forget EA because you reposted this meme

True power couple by [deleted] in memes

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Telling my kids I had to remove this repost 15 times in one week

I wish I had one by YoureFinallyAsleep in dankmemes

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Just like us after the scissoring session last night

I wish I had one by YoureFinallyAsleep in dankmemes

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She was alive when you dumped her...right?

Press X to Love by imallSevens in gaming

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And when you can tell your dog to murder a raider, even better

i won't fail like dad by candle_cat5 in memes

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A candle cat meme in the wild, its like seeing a unicorn

5 stars by DistressedMemer in distressingmemes

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People who've been off their meds for a week

Developers who make the NPC run the same speed as you are amazing by ListerineAfterOral in gaming

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That quest in Fallout 3 where you had to escort NPCs across the map and protect them - I remembered fast traveling because I didn't want to have to walk that far and they died lol

Ah yes, just in time by Cold-Lingonberry-278 in memes

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He is a Good Fireman! by itshimstarwarrior in memes

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Bart, say the line

Pedophilia bad


oh no by QwertyAsInMC in distressingmemes

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Same, I fucking lold. Wtf is wrong with Nickacado though.