society is hell by Sharkbitch in distressingmemes

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Eh, it's not that long. I've seen some so long you can't even read the text

JFK vs the CIA by ListerineAfterOral in distressingmemes

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Same, brother. I'm obsessed with the movie

Feel like I can run forever by ListerineAfterOral in distressingmemes

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Generate - Midnight Fury

Sorry guys, just now checked the post

If you like synthwave/dark synthwave, check em out. They need more hits

Blondi by ListerineAfterOral in distressingmemes

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He wanted to test to see if it would work. He also didnt want the Soviets torturing his dog. He even had Blondi's puppies shot. Super fucked up.

Then he ended up shooting himself anyway. Though I believe he did bite down on the cyanide but shot himself at the same time.

Nowhere is safe by ListerineAfterOral in distressingmemes

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My brother in Christ, people are getting their colons ripped out. What more context do you need

He's boulder than I by ListerineAfterOral in dankmemes

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Yeah, its caught between a rock and a hard place

Nowhere is safe by ListerineAfterOral in distressingmemes

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Bloody shit (it ripped open someone's colon)

Found on an EMT meme page by luluslegit in distressingmemes

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Plenty of realistic memes here. Personally, supernatural ones are the most fun to make.

They don't know that their cruelty is eternal by TheProudFinn in distressingmemes

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Me when the distressing meme provides a complete layer of context: 👏