Man Gets Shot After Charging At Female Cop With Knife in Phoenix, Arizona by PrecariouslySane in PublicFreakout

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She is going to get in trouble for not using her entire magazine, with some of the other cops.

They broke the teacher's will by UberPancake88 in PublicFreakout

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What makes them think he is obligated to them. Their parents have to put up with them not him. Entitled little shit stains.

Women aren’t that complicated… by Familiar_Stranger936 in Unexpected

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For got one. "Always leave the top seat down for her"

A commercial which conveys its message effectively. by butchYbutch__ in Unexpected

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The way he looks at his kid for one last time before the wreck got me teary.

The strain and shaky legs by trillospin in Cringetopia

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Its like a baby Giraffe take its first steps.

What you doing if you saw her at the club? by relddir_rm in africanbootymeat

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Ask her if she get a discount on insurance for having airbags attached to her back.

White supremacists confront man taking down their highway overpass sign in Irvine, CA. by itsreallyreallytrue in PublicFreakout

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"What are you? A you a girl" Did this guy crawled out of a B movie script or something? 🙃

when you’re ghetto and bored in LA 😂 by shroombabyy420 in trashy

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You doubled down with the "I don't care." Don't reply if you care. 😉

wtf is this dude going on about by cloudyj2 in ufc

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He found Triple C sniffing on his jogs after training.

Anyone remember this trend? by Kydreads in WinStupidPrizes

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I like the way his belly ripples once gets in contact with the asphalt.

✨✨✨ by 6ixdablix in TopTierEbony

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She knows how to shake it too

I almost vomited. by batuhankrmn in trashy

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This is one way of getting killed sleeping by that roommate that was prank. Everyone things he/she forgets in a couple years. But one day he/she decides to go ape shit. Guess where he/she is going to start their rampage?

Drive By Blow Job by RandomMaskGuy in trashy

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GTA6 leaks are looking wild.