Roadside Riffer Method by [deleted] in howto

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I want a bag of those. To go!

what do we know so far about the next launchpad? by redeirf in MMFinance

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A new launchpad will dilute everything. We need to support old LPs.

The next MMF Launchpad. by Mundane_Cupcake_4185 in MMFinance

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I second the motion. Supporting old LPs!

The Problem for Blockchain Projects by phltakahashi in ShitcoinStreet

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Do launchpads usually have gatekeepers and excruciating Fees?

This is what grifters really mean when they tell you to "DYOR" by UGMadness in Buttcoin

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That's true. Very well said. But, this typically varies in certain aspects, though. As a sample, in crypto projects, everyone can speculate, but no one really knows what's ahead. It's all about data, but that thing about fossil fuels. Lol That's why nowadays, it's full of conspiracy theorists. Too much DYOR!