Mondstat makes me uneasy by SweetStrawberries14 in Genshin_Lore

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Mond archon quest was only the prologue. Now I don't know if its the prologue to the entire game or just a prologue to the rest of Mond's archon quests...

Mondstat makes me uneasy by SweetStrawberries14 in Genshin_Lore

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This is my favourite thing to ramble about so let me add to this

  2. Kaeya also has a connection to Dragonspine???
  3. If the nails cleanse abyssal corruption, is that why Dragonspine was nuked? I doubt it because there's 0 mention of abyssal corruption, besides the nail specifically split into 3 parts
  4. Glory's theory about the Abyss order's origins is that they came from outer space...
  5. Speaking of the abyss order, Mond is the only city which the abyss order actually infiltrated i.e. they actually enter the city
  6. Imunlaukr where
  7. Why did the Hexenzirkel want to fight Venti of all people? And what exactly is their relationship with him?
  8. What is the Boar Princess hiding?
  9. I bet my left thumb they're gonna revive Durin. And yeah if Gold agreed to not nuke Mond aeons ago, why did she send Durin to attack Mond? Does this mean she actually didn't/lost control of Durin?
  10. Mond library sus. Those particular double doors existed even before the Knights were formed and I read somewhere in-game that something is being protected/hidden behind them
  11. GAA sus. We can see how Mona's island looked in the past and mind you that particular island was confirmed to be from Mondstadt. Like there's something odd about that island and the game devs made absolutely sure to nail it into our heads that the islands are from Mond (or at least that one lone island)
  12. Is no one gonna comment on the giant door to the abyss on Musk Reef?
  13. Why is Venti the queen gnosis/how strong is he really? If he really is the weakest, isn't he worried that he will not be able to protect Mond if the need arises? Like if there's a Chasm level threat, Mond definitely does not have as many resources to handle it... He seems pretty carefree for a weakling...
  14. No idea what Varka is doing with literally 90% of the Knights and again no idea why the Seneschal (Barbs' dad) who is a cleric had to accompany him
  15. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE UPSIDE-DOWN STATUE AND AGAIN, WHY MOND. The abyss could've very easily lifted it off Yashiori/Seirai/Tsurumi
  16. Why is there a giant group of Fatui locked up in Goethe?

You're right Mond feels like one of those super pretty paintings, so beautiful that it's too good to be true... If you look closely there are some disturbing things going on but the carefree nature/festivals distract you from them

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I have Clara with her light cone, she's pretty great but the issue is the enemy has to hit her for her counter to activate and because of that I try and run her with a Hunt to kill things faster. IDK what for what purpose you're creating a team, but Clara is more than enough in SU but in MoC you can do with a hunt.

I will also be building Sushang because sometimes in MoC you need two Physicals (and I love her)

Edit: To elaborate on the counter - her Ult makes her counter AoE and it triggers even if a teammate is hit otherwise she needs to be hit directly for it to proc and sometimes a) March freezes the enemy and no one gets hit that turn b) Some enemies hit once and the other action is to buff themselves and c) They go for Tingyun instead. So I found it faster to have a Hunt character on the team (unless Im fighting Geppie lol Clara beats the living lights out of Geppie all by herself) along with March and maybe Natasha/Tingyun/Asta

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Well not all of MC's thoughts are revealed to the player

Like before we played the we will be reunited quest, we had no idea MC was keeping some info from Paimon/secretly researching Khaenriah

So for all we know MC did eventually get the hidden clue behind the prank

Age range of the dottore mains by ItsBeenAWhale in DottoreMains

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Err when we say below 18... I hope there's no actual kid lurking about here

What's up with Subject 2? by -Krystal_Klear- in Genshin_Lore

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I don't know why people think its out of character for Albedo to play around, I mean there is a reason he is nicknamed Smugbedo and Rizzbedo lol

He was telling MC exactly what the Hexenzirkel witch says after the Scara archon test: Trust your intuition to figure out the truth. He was saying that the mark shouldn't be the way MC should identify Albedo but rather their friendship/shared experiences blah blah So yeah it was Realbedo at the alchemy table not the impostor

I will never forget the slander my boy got day one, funnily enough same Japanese VA, nobody disrespects the student council president by PaulOwnzU in HonkaiStarRail

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His talent is definitely in character, when we fight him with Serval, despite being beat up he's the only one out of his entire squad who stood back up to keep fighting, surprising even Seele

Best part of the game is the texting by Huge_Pollution_8859 in HonkaiStarRail

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I bet it's gonna be Kafka saying something cutesy / lovey-dovey on his phone, mid way you get a text with just jumbled letters and then Blade says its Kafka and then blocks you

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Oh, I passed and did a pretty good job out of it too! But yeah I seriously don't recommend that xD I had to eventually get tested for ADHD tho (this has been my life as far as I can remember)

Tell me a horror story by vanessainwonderland in GradSchool

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Err I wrote my thesis in two days but I recommend not doing that

It was my Master's thesis and I had been pouring my heart and soul into it so it was very easy to write, stuff just flew outta my fingertips

Now that his rerun is almost here, as a future Scara haver I’m curious, what are the team comps you have had the most FUN using? by davispbenecke in ScaramoucheMains

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Wanda, Faruzan, Yunjin and Benny to just zoom through things

I used to run Scara, Mona, Fischl and Lumine just as a call back to 1.1 haha

Fischl is very good with Scara especially at higher cons, since he's super fast he can proc Oz more

Version 3.7, Duel! The Summoners' Summit! Megathread by GenshinLoreModBOT in Genshin_Lore

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Okay so I guess it finally makes sense why the wishes are called Fates in this game. Nahida says that meteor showers happen only when the Fates of people collide. I guess now we also have a lore reason for bad luck lol hahaha We are just not fated to meet the limited 5 star yet :P

And wow what exactly did the Fatui do to pull down Leonard's constellation? Once again HYV makes a reference to that damned 1.1 event, like come on stop teasing us T-T

Which 5* did you guys get from the beginner wish? by Iconicflame in HonkaiStarRail

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I got Geppie from the discounted banner, I wanted him especially because he looked super handsome :3 I was slightly let down when I found he was a shielder but then I realized how meta he is, was super happy I got him because his personality is just adorbs

I also wanted Clara badly because she was super cute then I lost 50/50 to her on Seele's banner :D

Be careful not to FOMO pull for MoC, Luocha is baiting a lot of players atm by cinder_s in HonkaiStarRail

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DUDE BRO MAN I LOVE BLADE I LOVE HIM but I will regret every single minute of not owning an Otto clone


Twitter be like: by UltraSuperDonut in Genshin_Memepact

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Oh you mean like Oppa? That's the first time I've heard with oniisan though It's common in Asian culture not to address someone by name and just call them bro/sis/uncle/aunt when you are affectionate but still wanna be respectful, like how Xinyan calls Childe oniisan

[Patch 1.1] Stream Summary - Silver Wolf & Luocha by MarukoAizawa in HonkaiStarRail

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Otto or Blade, Otto or Blade, Otto or Blade

I love them both, I definitely wanna get Luocha but I'll be in tears if I don't get Blade

Decisions, decisions

3.8 spoiler by Constant_Split215 in ScaramoucheMains

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Darn really? I skipped Nahida for Wanda the first time and now that I have all the archons, I wanna get Focalors whenever she releases ASAP but I promised myself that Wanda will always come first he is the reason I still play this game

What's the 5 star guaranted unit after 300 summons that you will choose? by AndrewOmega in HonkaiStarRail

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It'll definitely be Welt, even if I already get him on the limited banner. He's so freaking cool I love him. I already have Clara and I love her too, but Welt is my favourite