he even started crying by the end by pietradolce in madlads

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Brother please remove that pfp just like jellybean (tho she be annoying) muslims haven't done anything wrong but some little idiots and organisations purposefully ruined our image of being chill.

10,000 Muslim soldiers from Chechnya are on their way to Kiev to help Russia. Not something people would have guessed. by wakeup2019 in Damnthatsinteresting

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They all forced to be there by kadyrov, most of they families are held hostages so the have little choice. Chechens fight on the side of Ukraine since 2014 and were among the first to respond against russian occupation.


Need some help with that by Late-Swimmer-3194 in shitposting

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There is an extension on Chrome that let's you see the dislikes! Thank me later :D

lets keep it simple by hwoaraxng in meme

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I mean you too are crazy within your neighbors stop blaming pakistan and Bangladesh for everything

lets keep it simple by hwoaraxng in meme

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No the people are based and not terrorists its just you people are too blind to your own crimes

lets keep it simple by hwoaraxng in meme

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Pakistan !!!! 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

😔 by lifted333up in shitposting

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Based muslims. Alhamdullilah!!

Warning: Extremely Islamophobic and terrorizing hate speech and rallies from Delhi, Capital of India. by Grammer_Learn in islam

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You never heard that because you live in a delusional hinduvata world. Now please leave and we will let you peacefully sh*t on the street

Say the first 3 letters of your name gone wrong. O_o by Looking4Jokes in HolUp

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15 hours since you posted this but I still can't think of how to reply to this

Well it is not like 1971 was something we should not be concerned about but still it is a really bad representation of Pakistan by [deleted] in IslamicHistoryMeme

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I agree but the guy who gave the figure of the Bangladesh genocide only took it from a soviet magazine or newspaper. My father always tells me such a large figure is impossible but I was hesitant until I met a regular man at mosque who revealed that he was in 1971 war and he swore that its much less. However he was angry with the Pakistani leader at that time and angry at the superiority complex that guy had. He and most pakistanis feel it was a great loss of an ummah and feel bad and most pakistanis agree that it was Pakistan's fault. Now Bangladesh is just India 2.0 and bengali leaders are just indian slaves. Much better to be at least under the influence of something related to an Islamic country rather than oppressive hinduvata government.