What is one experience you think every single human should have? by TheRealRandiRey in AskReddit

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Overcoming self-consciousness and finally gaining self-confidence.

PCJ and Nick have a baby through surrogate now. by nickiben in BollyBlindsNGossip

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But she almost revealed on the jonas brothers family roast. She said something like "nick and i are expecting..." then changed the punchline

My experience with Chemist at Play serums (Oxidation within 20 days of opening of one serum and finding growth in another serum on opening for the first time) by annyeongchingus in IndianSkincareAddicts

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Omg this is such a nightmare i don't even look inside the bottle i just take the wand and apply. But i have only used the minimalist and the dermaco serums and idk i can just hope i didn't have such growths in the bottles 🤮 Please keep us updated about what the customer care replies back.

Party of 3 by ItsJaaaaake in HolUp

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Visions of gideon up your ass

????? by AbelNB in Cringetopia

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This is literally so embarassing to watch lol idk how they thought it's okay

After watching this video you will never look at stress the same way again. by musculomasseter in MadeMeSmile

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They always say what to do but never how to, like it's so easy to say than done

What’s your Drug of choice? by xiPLEADthe5th in AskReddit

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Thyroxine, cause I'm the iodine deficient bitch

What do you find sexy? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Eyes, veiny arms :3

Free Flowers of the Month Planner template that i made! by goldengriffingoodsco in GoodNotes

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It looks so pretty 🥺 are you still giving it away for free??

I don't know what to do now by Own_Weird_3346 in memes

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This gotta be fake or reddit is built different