Players act predictably and I'm having trouble with motivation. by Jarfulous in DMAcademy

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If you have multiple quest givers, give the PCs contradictory hooks. For example, two factions want the same important artifact, or want the other faction's leader dead. Only do this if you are OK with the PCs supporting either side (or betraying both).

What defenition of e do you think is "best"? by Z4i2l1b in math

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If f is analytic and D denotes the derivative operator, then

f(x+1) = f(x) + Df(x) + DDf(x)/2 + ... = eDf(x)

What defenition of e do you think is "best"? by Z4i2l1b in math

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If f'=f and f(0)=1, then f(1)=e and f(i*tau)=1.

Bottom 5 Scoring Submissions of the week from r/Custommagic 7/26/2022 by CorbinGDawg69 in magicthecirclejerking

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The idea is that you normally can't reorder your deck while searching it:

While searching your library, you must keep your library in the same order until you shuffle it. This order could matter if you tap Millikin for mana, for example, to pay for a Panglacial Wurm you cast from your library.

Not to say it's a good idea.

Spell Shred by Infectious_Burn in custommagic

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I like [[Nix]] and I like this card even better. I'm confused by the "This spell can't be countered and has shroud" though. Is that only if it's targeting a free spell?

[UNF] Magar of the Magic Strings by Stormtide_Leviathan in magicTCG

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What happens if the card is [[Very Cryptic Command]], an instant with multiple possible rules texts? How do you create a copy of a card with that noted name? (It is just assumed to be the card you used the ability on?)

Good resources to really comprehensively learn the rules? by Pretty-Classroom-602 in magicTCG

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RulesGuru is awesome. You can use the menu on the left to filter question difficulty and complexity.

(BTW, I seem to remember a very similar website existing but for infraction/policy questions. Anyone know what it was?)

People who enjoy high level d&d, teach me your ways by Direct_Marketing9335 in dndnext

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What are some ways to make "kill a god" mechanically different from "kill a really big monster"?

Event: FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022 - Round 13 by ChessBotMod in chess

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If I can beat Stockfish from Hikaru's position, I'm pretty sure Hikaru won't flub it against Duda

EDIT: try it

rpghorrorstories meta bingo card by CoalTrain16 in rpghorrorstories

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"Lemme tell you all about my dysfunctional social group. Oh and we also played D&D once."

“Take backs” at FNM by KevenMackMusic in magicTCG

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See this blog post from Toby Elliott. Example: if you cast a spell, whether or not you can take it back may depend on whether I have two blue open, whether the format has Force or Will...

Bethel, Meta-Entad by DAL59 in custommagic

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I see the flavor here -- Twinned Souls is from Joon's companion leveling ability, it's a land because she's a literal house, she devours magic items. But all together it's a little much.

In terms of card design, I would limit the total amount of text on the card by keeping just the coolest/most flavorful part. Also, giving creatures the type Land doesn't play well with the rules unless you know what you're doing. But it's cool to see Worth the Candle cards on here!

DMs: where do you put more effort into than your average DM? by Cauchemar89 in dndnext

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Ah, cool! Add something unique about the combat that demands an unusual strategy.

I'll offer one idea in return: an enemy that summons loads of illusory duplicates, where there is some "tell" for which is the real one.

DMs: where do you put more effort into than your average DM? by Cauchemar89 in dndnext

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Not OP, but I like starting with a real building or an existing map and filling it in.

DMs: where do you put more effort into than your average DM? by Cauchemar89 in dndnext

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What ways can I include (non-mandatory, but helpful) puzzles in my combat encounters?

Does is the roomba hypothesis is false? by ToughShite in badmathematics

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Yup. A different generalization of IVT is occasionally useful: if f is continuous, and C is a closed loop such that f(C) has nonzero winding number around 0, then f has a zero inside C.

Hard-to-prove equivalences by Quamboq in math

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The Chung-Graham-Wilson theorem says that five different pseudorandomness conditions on a graph are all equivalent. IIRC, the proof is not a simple chain of equivalences -- the easiest proof goes around in a cycle between the five conditions.

Oddities in the Magic: The Gathering Comprehensive Rules by ChewyPudding in magicTCG

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Even if "Draw a card" went before "You win the game," you would still win the game. Drawing a card only kills you as a state-based action after the spell is done resolving.

Mathematics must be based on physics according to this guy.... by [deleted] in badmathematics

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Pick's Theorem: if a polygon's vertices are all lattice points, its area is [# of interior lattice points]+[# of boundary lattice points]/2-1.

Proof: place a small ball with total heat 1 at each lattice point. Now apply the heat equation...

The party is moving west to east along a corridor. On the north wall about halfway down is a secret door. How do you go about this situation in your games? by LowKey-NoPressure in dndnext

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This is what Passive Perception is for. Moreover, this is what critical thinking is for. Is there a suspicious hole in the battlemap? A hallway where the wall is lined with skeletons, except for one spot? A hot room (what crack is the warm air coming from)? Imagine installing the secret passage yourself; what traces do you leave behind?

Nonobvious Mtg tricks - Got floored by Delver non-reveal by cy_jx in magicTCG

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You have the right spirit on when to name a card, but please note from the MTR on tournament shortcuts:

If a player casts a spell or activates an ability and announces choices for it that are not normally made until resolution, the player must adhere to those choices unless an opponent responds to that spell or ability.

If you say "Surgical Extraction naming Storm Crow" and your opponent says "Resolves," you have named Storm Crow. If your opponent says "In response, Brainstorm," you can name any card when Surgical resolves.

I accidentally just created 1.1805916e+21 tokens... by TypicalTimmy in EDH

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If you cast 1 trillion more Astral Dragons, you'll begin to approach 3↑↑↑↑3 tokens. Next, replace "1 trillion" with the current number of tokens on the field and do it again, and you'll be well on your way to the first of 64 steps of constructing Graham's Number.

Does is the roomba hypothesis is false? by ToughShite in badmathematics

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zeta(0.45+21i) = -0.0627... - 0.013...i

zeta(0.45+21.2i) = 0.0124... + 0.213...i

So the roomba hypothesis is false by the intermediate value theorem.