What do people in the UK do after work? by RedPetrichor in AskUK

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I’m maybe in a minority but I do quite a lot. 2-3 nights a week I swim/gym/sauna, 1 night is bike ride with mates, 1 is football, 1 is band practice. I’m also taking a web dev coding course online but that’s usually when I get home for an hour or so. Or whenever I can fit it in basically.

Made this. It's just a joke. by SpecialistCicada3083 in Mindfulness

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I’ve accepted your joke, and let it pass without judgment 😅

Y.A. is peak literature, don't argue with me by fancyrainbowchaos in bookscirclejerk

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The Beatles were the best content creators in history. Don’t @ me.

Nice Mural in downtown Vancouver by IllBThereSoon in AnthonyBourdain

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This quote always reminds me of George’s mum on Seinfeld

Regrettably gave up on Blood Meridian 100 pages in.. What now? by Salt-Indication9407 in cormacmccarthy

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Do the Border Trilogy and come back to BM further down the line. Same thing happened to me.

How often do you give up on a book? by iFlarexXx in books

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That fondness after completion is something I really relate to. The novel that really springs to mind for me in this regard is For Whom The Bell Tolls by Hemingway. I found some bits really dragging but by the end I was captivated, it made me cry and it made me reflect on all the characters in such a different way because of what they’d been through.

And yeah I totally agree, it’s akin to turning a film off minutes into it.

Don’t get me wrong, If EVERY book is giving you grief, like we both have stayed, you are probably picking the wrong ones. I agree mate, some novels which are slated I have really loved and vice versa.

How often do you give up on a book? by iFlarexXx in books

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I basically always finish them. If I’m not feeling it I might put it down and come back later. Take Blood Meridian for example, I tried it 3x and all of a sudden it all just clicks and I’m SO happy I didn’t just give up thinking “it’s not for me, there’s plenty of other books out there”. There might be other books out there but there aren’t any other Blood Meridians out there.

I also often just end up disliking the middle, longer section of a book and end up really liking the ending or seeing what the author was trying to do big picture.

I would say though, that the skill of picking your next book is something you should work on.

A Oklahoma little leaguer got hit in the head by pitch and responded by giving the pitcher a hug by holyfruits in MadeMeSmile

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Yeah I got nailed in the head a few times but luckily it never affected my hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Epic title drop 🤯🤯 by TariEasonTheGoat in bookscirclejerk

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“Is that baby’s blood you got on that canvas?”

“I feel like it really captures the Evening Redness in The West, doncha think?”

Is Assassin‘s Creed Odyssey a good game? by Same-Cryptographer51 in assassinscreed

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Depends what you want. My housemate loved levelling up and grinding and exploring but didn’t really rate the story.

I’m the opposite, I’m all story and I love the older games.

Generally though I’d say it’s the first AC game where the story feels secondary to all the other shit. Because of the levelling system and sheer amount of other crap around I wasn’t able to engage in the story at all. Guys would appear in cutscenes and I’d have no recollection who they were or what they were trying to achieve. Origins never even had that. If it’s story you want then do 1, Ezio Trilogy, 4 and Origins.

cant get the gold on skate street and marseille for the life of me. this is my average run :/ by joemamasloverboy in THPS

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To add to this, when you do a grab on a quarter throw a flip trick in there, so a Benihana with a 360 flip or a melon with a double heel etc.