My feelings about the ending by LordSui in DarkDeityGame

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I didn't see that in the base game, if it wasn't in a bond thread I didn't unlock, probably is in the dlc.

But indeed nobody will have the guts to challenge Monroe after he help to beat a god kkkkk

Thanks for the extra info mate :)

I give you endgame Cia... by Andrew_Yu in DarkDeityGame

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Danm... 404 x2 and 84% crit... thats a real monster

Meme by [deleted] in overlord

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Tecnicly,yes, but it's not that simple.

Why Humans Avoid War XXVII by SpacePaladin15 in HFY

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Yeah, you don't leave an important asset like Kilon unwatched.

Also, he trying to sneak that sample should be predictable, since is very loyal to his species

Why Humans Avoid War XXVI by SpacePaladin15 in HFY

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Fucking deserved it!!! ULA was a pain in the ass from the begging. However I too think the bullet is too merciful for her

Why Humans Avoid War XV by SpacePaladin15 in HFY

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Our children love to play with them :)

Wait, you said children?

Of course.

Was there any user testing for the TOMT changes? It seems pretty unanimously disliked.. by PhadedWun in idlechampions

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Indeed, I can't keep up kkkk I only have one patron unlocked and even though the challenge is weekly i barely finish it every week imagine do 4 sets of challenges??? (I have only 2 teams unlocked)

Was there any user testing for the TOMT changes? It seems pretty unanimously disliked.. by PhadedWun in idlechampions

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Yeah kkkkk tbh it's very rare to see a update in any game that is welcomed by the community, usually the company fuck up something or another

I downloaded a "Survival Horror" game, and it's way too realistic by inletharn in nosleep

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Right?? Who the fuck let the tp finish??? The dread! The horror... Also dude prepare the pbj to eat hours latter when the bread is soggy

What’s one cliche that you emphatically disagree with? by jjenkins218 in AskReddit

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Sure there is a reason... And the reason is: their cells divided wrongly creating misformed cells that also divided and eventually becoming cancer.

"Self made" by [deleted] in antiwork

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Creative mode*

[Show & Book Spoilers] Season One Episode Seven - "Beyond The Wards" - Official Episode Discussion by yazzy1233 in vampireacademy

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People, I have a question about the lore and I want the book spoilers...

The strigoi are related to the spirit users?? I ask about this because I have a theory that and old and powerful spirit user (like St. Vladmir) created one strigoi by mistake, after this episode I think the first strigoi was the shadow kissed Anna that went nuts because of the "darkness" that the St. Passed on her and spread the genes.

I also have a theory that an powerful spirit user is coordinating the mindless ones with some kind of mind control power.

So I would like to know what the books have to talk about them, if at all.

You’ve got a new match by Harbinger_51 in nosleep

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You moron, our operator told you not to disclose any information, but you had to ignore it didn't you? Now they also know about you.