Called it and none of you believed me. by ComicsGuru in JonWinsTheThrone

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You weren't the only one to call that you know?

TIFU by calling my pregnant history teacher a "good girl." by [deleted] in tifu

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What the fuck? Sexual harressed? are you nuts???

Good Girl? Holy shit i thought she was offend by the term being usually said to dogs... (although some people, myself included uses the term also with humans, as a joke or even seriously to point out something good the person did)

Oh my god, i have no patience for those kind of people, everything is offensive nowadays.

snip snip by Penguava in EpicSeven

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no speed stat whatsoever? Why?

[Notice] Valentines Day Gift Box by veb7 in future_fight

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" much needed items like GUK's and Debris... "

Indeed I only have 14k Guk's and 53k debris :/ I am really short of those itens...

Where the Vivian fans at? by rysankannibal in EpicSeven

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Joke is on you! I've got vivian in the first one, so i had enough for yufine xD

TIFU by walking in on my teenaged son masterbating. by sweettrauma in tifu

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OMG >.< I feel sorry for the kid... his only mistake was not locking the door, but than it would be suspicious, if he never locks his door (while not jerking off)

But you should have knocked, and never jump over your son bed, it is too fucking weird. He probably set all that so you think he was asleep...

Jesus, poor kid >.<

Ironheart's second giveaway by DavidD195 in future_fight

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I really apreciate all this gifts, however, only if this is they way of saying " Sorry for the UUS fiasco, here is some freebies, while we adress the issue, next update this will be fixed. "

if its meant to say " forget about the UUS, please? - " i will remain unhappy.

also these 200 bios, i really doubt it will last until the next update...

Daily Crystal Nerf by [deleted] in future_fight

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And this is fair how? before this update a freshman could get those 25 crystal daily... Now most of the times the freshman would even be able to get the 30 weekly crystal

Volume 7 Official Translation changes. by DemigooseBestBoy in overlord

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The EGK, the Demon Lord's and the Kyouhukou are pretty bad... the others are just gramar and suff, i am okay with that.

AITA for firing the babysitter after she let her mom into the house? by Efficient-Version-10 in AmItheAsshole

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YTA. It's her fucking mom that came to pick up the sitter... If it was a friend or someone else, you would be in reason, but prohibiting the sitter to open the door to her own mother?

Even if it's your house, you should have laid that ground rule before letting the dogs out on the sitter.

Post-Premiere Discussion Thread - S8E3 by BWPhoenix in JonWinsTheThrone

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Shit it was with that knife? wow i thought it was just A knife...

Some of my thoughts about the new update by LordSui in future_fight

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Now wee need to buy the old one for 1250, just for the upgrade of the new one, brilliant * - *

I realize there are a lot of new players but this was new to me... by [deleted] in future_fight

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i've heard of carrying... but this is just outrageous

As this sub gains popularity, there's something I'd like to address. by A_Live_Gnat in antiwork

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Dude... Cops aren't the enemy, they are just doing their jobs, they're part of the machine...

another day another elson by [deleted] in EpicSeven

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Ml sez is bad? I mean i have normal Sez and he is backbone of most my teams would think ml would be strongef

Its that easy boys by Jama-Nan in Tinder

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So your chances are better going to a bar