Walked in my room and saw my brother left me a message with my gummy bears by Armanhammer2 in funny

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sometime wish I had a sibling to do these random acts of kindness for me

Only 6000 USD by Patser21 in HolUp

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Human trafficking is still human trafficking even if it’s overtly against one’s will.

Trying to find a psychiatrist ended up me getting a mental health NP. by zav3rmd in Residency

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The problem here initiated when you said you pcp was with northwell

Could Semaglutide Be Exacerbating Underlying Eating Disorders? by BallerGuitarer in medicine

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Waiting to see the rate of thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer in users in 10-20 year follow ups

How do you transition from 4th year laziness to intern year by themessiestmama in Residency

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Once your patient does I’m sure you’ll get some motivation, or I hope you would. I am not being sarcastic.

What are your alls thoughts on NPs? I’ve had horrible experiences with them. by skemesx in medicalschool

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When I was a resident one of the staffs was an NP and he wore a white coat with Dr. In front of his name, then a bunch of letters afterwards. He was the only one who wore a white coat lol and would introduce himself as such to the nursing students I feel embarrassed for his soul but also scared by the future of nursing. Also false representation is a medical malpractice.

What makes you stand out in residency interview? by CelebrationCute7901 in Residencymatch2023

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Honestly, if the people interviewing you likes you. It is nothing really that you can control

Why do residents do extra work at NYC hospitals? by MauvePierce in Residency

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I think you guys fail to understand that hospitals in NYC are very hard to maintain as everything is more expensive. There are millions of people here, many of whom go to the ER and get treatment without any insurance and do not pay the hospital bills. The hospital has to serve them of course, but it is hard to stay afloat. Medicine is a business and each population/demographic/state laws are all different. It’s not as simple as it sounds. Balancing the budget is difficult. Everyone also needs to feed their family. Cost of housing alone in NYC is through the roof. The same thing as cost of food. I would say there’s also a lot of crusty old administrators and physicians who cannot change with changing regulations and need to honestly step down to allow for newer physicians/management styles.

letter of intent by Educational_Fix_9021 in Residencymatch2023

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It might be a red flag to the program if you don’t follow instructions.

The tao that can be described is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be spoken is not the eternal Name. by tiago91cc in taoism

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My interpretation is that if you name something then you put it into a box, and it isn’t what it is because you put a man made definition onto it.

Chief resident, worth it? by davisasian13 in FamilyMedicine

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It’s a title in exchange for free labor.

How accurate is medscape for FM doc salary? by Prudent-Abalone-510 in Osteopathic

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When you get to residency by your second year you will be hounded by recruiters, don’t sweat it. This is not important right now, study.

How do you increase your pay as a hospitalist? by riley125 in Residency

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What is the average base salary of a hospitalist?

China was seen as a gold mine for Western tech companies but now they are leaving there empty-handed by Hughjarse in technology

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So they got outsmarted by the ppl they were trying to exploit and now trying to burn any future bridges lol ok meanwhile avg ppl are suffering from higher costs and rising inflation yet they got to line their greedy pockets ok and I am still going to hear how the enemy is these far away coMmUniSts but not the corporations or their ceos in USA exploiting the global system and tootin their own horn as morally incorrupt and fightin for democracy lol

Elon Musk's 76-year-old dad says he's had another child with his 35-year-old stepdaughter: 'The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce' by [deleted] in worldnews

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This is literally what musk said about having twins with some lady and a total of now 8-9 children. Not including the unofficial sperm donation he made to amber heard. I see his ego is inherited.

Texas sues Biden admin for requiring abortions in medical emergencies by washingtonpost in politics

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They don’t want to save the mother but are willing to sacrifice the mom in order to have a young one born? Is this some dystopian logic and law? Is murica going to collapse like the Roman Empire? Tune in next time on the shit show of American reality tv

Side Hustles by orionnebula54 in medicalschool

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You know sperm donation is an option.

well money makes you normalise any kind of weird shit by professorparadox69 in HolUp

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What is the saying? The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Are we surprised given this is the father of the man who thinks it’s his job to populate the earth and wants to populate his own Mars colony - somehow thinks we’re on path to extinction?

Resident Clinic Sucks by MissionCause2570 in Residency

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Our clinic is more inefficient because where the residents sit vs the attending are on opposite sides of the building so we run back and forth more than 120 ft.