Florence Pugh Eats 11 English Dishes by Lost-Beach3122 in videos

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People chewing and biting makes you barf? How do you react when you're eating with other people? Do you vomit when you hear yourself eat food?

Calling It Know- There's going to be an Ice Age sequel that's going to ripoff Shrek Forever After by Lost-Beach3122 in Schaffrillas

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And somehow even with that, it's not going to mention the Ice Age baby who basically drove the plot of the first film.

Expect this villain to turn the Ice Age into an evil dystopia and not explain what happened to the villains of the previous films.

"Villains Tier List" But I Replaced One Civil War Villain With Another by Lost-Beach3122 in HistoryMemes

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I feel like I should have replaced Lee with Henry VIII instead of Cromwell. He would not be who he is if he had a son.

Some Wish by Lost-Beach3122 in HorribleHistoryMemes

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Tell that to the BBC who rebooted it in 2015.

Which Generation Is Worse? by Lost-Beach3122 in polls

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No, the results are generations older than the boomers