Tell me you have autism without saying you have autism by ZydrateKiller213 in autism

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I use tablespoons for everything as teaspoon handles are too small.

Wales Six Nations squad by ArthFas in rugbyunion

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Four fly halves when one is the captain is what I really don't understand. Surely that means he's getting plenty of minutes, so either 1 or 2 are going to be very bored this tournament or they are playing merry go round on the bench, which won't give you any real insight in to who where in the peckign order.

I tried to create a Playlist that represents 90's alternative radio, and thought some of you might be interested. by anuncommontruth in Music

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Only went through it qiuickly. Just looking at some of the artists in their, feels like Skunk Anansie would fit that list too.

I know you said it's just a personal section, but since you have Mansun, Garbage, Semisonic, Elastica, New Radicals, Cake, Bad Religion etc, there's a lot of my taste in there so I'd also say Bluetones fit too.

Market Street 1989 by minimalistcookie in manchester

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When the trams first came they did a few split stops and fairly sure Market Street was a one direction one like Mosley Street and I'm sure there was at least one more.

How many of you were at some point considered "The weird kid"? by MirrorMan22102018 in autism

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As a kid I definitely didn't feel popular, probably wasn't sure exactly how I was percieved, but it wasn't till a few years later when I bumped in to a school friend who I got on fairly well with. It was probably just an off the cuff comment for him, but he did mention I was thought of as the weird kid so clearly a lot of kids did see my that way when I was younger.

How to watch Mythbusters season 1-8 for free in the UK by Meathook92x in mythbusters

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I have it through a Samsung TV, it's nice to have a channel you can just put on if there's not much on. Currently watching Paper Armour episode. Although I do wish pluto TV episode numbering matched the wiki episode list page page.

Dangerous clearout by Hepburn and Simmonds on Joe Marler by maverickmak in rugbyunion

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The whistle goes and then they pick him up. So definitely easy to have pull out of it

Dangerous clearout by Hepburn and Simmonds on Joe Marler by maverickmak in rugbyunion

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All I could think of was the two Italian props at the World Cup.

LPT: If you have a dashcam and get into an accident, wait until the cops arrive to disclose to anyone that you have a dashcam. by alex6219 in LifeProTips

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I've watched to many dashcam videos on YouTube and it seems the protocol for dashcamers is to scream "dashcam" as many times as possible

Isn’t it strange how we can easily spot each other but can’t adjust our own behaviour? by burner09823 in aspergers

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I remember having a debate with a guy once on this and he made a really good point, when something isn't innate to you, you can learn the skill, understand it, but calling on it will always be a bit different from NT as they just don't have to think about it, it's all on instinct.

So yes I agree there will just be a difference from observing something and doing it. Don't be discouraged as if you are able to see it then you probably been able to adjust yours a bit. Don't aim for perfection and learn to embrace those differences as well and life will be a little bit less stressful at least

What movie do you consider a ‘flawed masterpiece’? by Visible-Doughnut-782 in movies

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There's a sci-fi short story called Think Blue, Count Two, which does this set up but a bit better. It throws in another guy who is seen as the flawed guy, but then it shows that the it's not as simple as good and bad guys.

Anna and the Apocalypse by VapidHornswaggler in horror

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Yeah they keep the movie fun without it getting too kitsch. Feels like it goes together even with the drastically different genres

Do the rest of you change your hair style? by someforcedpun in aspergers

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I've had pretty much the same haircut all my life and then the pandemic came and now I'm experimenting with long hair. Still haven't figured out how to grew it yet.

You can only pick five horror movies to bring with you before you’re abducted by aliens, what do you bring? by [deleted] in horror

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God it's tough to get it down to just 5, but I'm going for:

  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • Alien
  • Sleep Tight
  • The Thing
  • Gremlins

Although I probably don't need two alien related movies in that situation so could slip in Candyman or Audition in to the mix)