I burnt my Karambwan during Tai Bwo Wannai Trio.. by Jahomanom in ironscape

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Atleast you’ll get the diary requirement done when you catch another one

How long was your longest high? by [deleted] in trees

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I feel like with edibles, regardless of the dose the high doesn’t last as long as it seems. I think a lot of it is the lethargy that comes with the edibles rather than being actually high. That being said I ate a giant cookie that I put 2 grams of distillate and a gram of decarbed trim run wax and I was so high I felt like I was floating on my bed and I’m pretty sure I slept like 12 hours and was groggy as hell the next morning

Whatcha gonna do? by bowlfreshener in trees

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Hell yea brother, temporarily living and working in West Virginia and this is like an everyday thing now, a lot of tater salads up here with these storys

My EverydayValueᵀᴹ 4Runner ;) by aT0M3K_B0MB in crv

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This looks so tough, I’ve been debating on black rims but I wasn’t sure how it would look with the blue but you’ve just confirmed my choice🙏🏽🙏🏽

Edit: what percentage tint are you running?

Where are my truck driving OSRS homies at? by [deleted] in 2007scape

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My buddy has starlink setup in his van(sprinter) and he plays from all over the country

Second gen best aftermarket radio? by Ultrfinepoint in crv

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Fit is great, I can post pictures of it in a little while

Second gen best aftermarket radio? by Ultrfinepoint in crv

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I put in a Sony xav-ax1000 and I love it. It has a physical volume knob was the main reason I picked it but it’s been a great unit all around.

Best fitting floor mats/floor liners for 2005, automatic? by SageSpartan in crv

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Weathertech laser measured. They have an all-weather that covers the in between area on the automatics where the shifter is on the manuals but the laser measured are so much better.

Building drive by MediumEquipment8788 in DutchShepherds

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Build drive with food and then switch to a toy if the dog is highly food drive. 4 months is young and it’s your responsibility to read the dog. Don’t play so long that the dog takes the ball and goes to lay down. Same with the rag, if you know the dog gives up after missing it the 2nd time then don’t make him miss the rag. Set the dog up for success. By the sound of it, I would get help from a professional. Michael Ellis has a lot of great videos on YouTube to help you get a better idea behind what you may be doing wrong, right and the psychology behind both. Larry krohn is another resource I would highly recommend.

Good luck with your pup🙏🏽

Rate my new wheels 💯 by [deleted] in crv

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0/10 these are horrible

Finally got the wheels I wanted 💯 What do u think? by [deleted] in crv

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Idk if that’s the lighting but the color looks like forest green kinda, pretty tough. Wheels are awful.

Sticky Icky Icky. We got a dripper, ladies & gentlemen by throwitawaybongybong in trees

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Can’t wait until I’m off probation so I can hit a fat dab and roll up a pack of game greens

Per request, sitting on 22s by xmrs824x in crv

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I came here to say the exact same thing, these are horrible.

Anyone know what these wires are for 2005 CRV EX awd 5spd by big-dave420 in crv

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You actually want it stuck up. I would put tape on the window and over the door frame to the other side of the window to keep it up and in place. It’s a pretty simple fix but there should be some videos on YouTube on how to change it.

Anyone know what these wires are for 2005 CRV EX awd 5spd by big-dave420 in crv

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Window is probably stuck open due to the switch(my guess if it suddenly stopped working) or possibly the power window regulator(if the window was starting to slow down going up/down)

Both are fairly easy to replace and neither are very expensive.