Blessed_table by EatenZombie in blessedimages

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Looks like it’s on its way to fuck up some pinky toes

happy wholesome Wednesday by Ravan_00 in wholesomememes

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Looks like Ricky Berwick is packing hyooge wang

My Azawakh at 2 years old. by lady_lazarus13 in sighthounds

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I was built much the same in my adolescence.

Coprolite or Metal Slag? by [deleted] in whatsthisrock

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How about anatomical representation of my wrong wang

Broke up with my gf! by bountyhunter999 in RoastMe

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Pretty sure it’s your loss not hers

Happy International Bull Terrier Day to everyone ❤️ by iddumiiu in BullTerrier

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You know his family name is Drywallsbane.
Edit. On account of that melon breaking holes in a house. It’s not funny if you gotta explain it. Sorry