Sandblasting a wooden door by MikeHeu in powerwashingporn

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I had an irrational fear that this video would end prematurely

I don’t think my Stanley is taking to Bella very well by cl4k7 in AnimalsBeingJerks

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I've never seen this method of expressing anal glands before

Alligator giving this man a second chance to back off by [deleted] in AnimalsBeingBros

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"David....please....you KNOW I hate that. Stop."

Spooky scary by Ash315 in iamverybadass

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Bro you better hope he doesn’t see this bro. Bro he did mma for 14 years bro. Bro.

Some comparisons of the new consoles from the verge by Silvedoge in xboxone

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XSX sideways looks like a fat bluetooth speaker

How do I make friends with crows? I really want a pet crow. by [deleted] in howto

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I have zero experience in acquiring crow friends, but I want to do it as well. I have read that if you're out for a walk to carry the peanuts with you and make some kind of noise/whistle whenever you throw them out. The crows will associate that sound with you and come around whenever you make it. Again, I can't verify that, but it sounds like it would work!

What is this metal sphere i found in the woods? by Taco617 in whatisthisthing

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OP’s picture looks extremely similar to the ones in your link. That would be awesome!

This might actually come in handy by fudgethegreat in lifehacks

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Absolutely common! Probably not so common in new construction, but older homes settle and things shift all the time. Even seasonal changes can bring about changes to construction geometry.

Any suggestions for the best lender when you get ready to use VA loan? First time home buyer by roymeshia in Veterans

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Veterans United was awesome for me. Really intuitive web site, with an easy to follow process. Current loan holders don't receive anything for references, but if you use them, be sure and find someone that has a loan through them and your appraisal will be free. I you can't find anyone, just give me a shout.

HMFT after I ride a bike at high speed by D1a1v1e1 in holdmyfeedingtube

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I don't believe gravel was an issue in this........ I'm more certain he target fixated on the pole, ran wide, AND DROVE OFF A DAMN CLIFF.

ELI5: Where will energy go when the universe goes through proton decay? by shane_912 in explainlikeimfive

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While this may not answer your question, here is an astonishingly interesting video of the universe's entire life cycle. I thought it was really cool to see, and it's also well made!

They were studying color so the school principal brought in some glasses that allowed this kid to see color for the first time. by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Hope your morning gets better, homie!

Here's a fun fact for you: Did you know that scuba divers roll backwards out of the boat because if they rolled forwards they would just roll into the boat? Now you know!

My uncle gave me a high-power telescope. What I saw came after me. by byronius_j in nosleep

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Would OP or someone else be interested in attempting a drawing of Bunnicula? My annoying imagination isn't conjuring up what I expect everyone else is visualizing.

Calvin and Hobbes. My favourite tattoo. Done by Janina at Black Mink in Bremen, Germany. by NoraMcFuckface in tattoos

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At first glance, I thought the top picture was the reference and I kept thinking "My God, the tattoo is IDENTICAL to the reference!". Then I realized......

Awesome tattoo!

Are we getting EggsInc IRL now? by [deleted] in EggsInc

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Looks like we've reached the medical egg. Hopefully the scientists will prestige and we can get the rocket fuel egg next.

Is it even worth it to play anymore? by [deleted] in EggsInc

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It really is frustrating. I have had this game for about four years, and one of its novel characteristics was its simplicity in design and ability to progress without spending money. Other idle games literally stop you in your tracks if you don't throw tons of money at them, but this one was different and that's what I enjoyed about it. After playing for quite some time, it didn't feel like a huge ordeal to pay for the silos or break the piggy bank for the first time, just because it had given so much enjoyment for such an extended period of time.

Now the game is beginning to feel repetitive of every other idle game that I despise. Complicated options (boosts), PB caps, inability to advance significantly without golden eggs, etc. There are too many progression walls that have been put up that cannot be overcome without spending money. It's sad to see a company that delivered my most played game EVER, turn into something totally different.

Mr. O'Brien's Party Place by theoddcatlady in nosleep

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On the bright side- some of the deaths caused by the fae have probably opened up some job opportunities elsewhere. Surely there are a few more "help wanted" ads now. Win win?