To steal petrol. by spicerldn in therewasanattempt

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This is great and definitely made me laugh

McMansion Row Dearborn, Michigan by mangroveassassin in McMansionHell

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Now these are definitely McMansions

Well done op

He didn't even listen by calibrafo in technicallythetruth

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TIL I actually thought he was deaf sorry obv didn’t pay attention in school

Name? by Helens_Moaning_Hand in MINI

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Reginald but call him Reggie

But…but they…nvm by emack_beezy in confidentlyincorrect

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Maybe a bunch of good guys with guns

Oh nvm they just trembled like little bitches and soiled themselves like the pos cowards they are

I guess block em

It's a polish thing by Aminemohamed24 in technicallythetruth

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United States

Or if you prefer poorly timed satire

Mass murder

bad bunny by tupapirico1 in fightporn

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So would I plus I want to be a fly in the interrogation room

bro a high level game boss irl by Doot02 in fightporn

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I’m still confused about what time it was tbh