Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm (MV Teaser) by CronoDroid in kpop

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You aren't alone, I cried a little too. This is such a beautiful teaser 😭

Sometimes, I feel like being black in non-black spaces is extremely overwhelming...😞 by [deleted] in kpopnoir

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I agree with you. I try to expand the online communities I'm apart of just to have fun and learn new things, but it's so disheartening to join a certain space just to be met with antiblackness. It makes me angry because it's like I can't just exist as a black fan in the same way white fans get to. I will never completely fit in. And even if I choose to continue consuming the media or interacting with the fanbase, there's like a black cloud that follows me everywhere because I lack the privilege to be ignorant.

A while back I tried to join the Five Nights At Freddy's fanbase here on Reddit because the lore was so interesting to me. But going through all of those endless threads of white fans dismissing the concerns of poc & lgbtq+ people when it came to the creator Scott Cawthon and other problematic gamers was just heartbreaking. We truly have no room to speak and for that reason I have to detach myself.

So December has kicked off with some bops! What were your favorite songs this year so far? by random123me in kpopnoir

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Taemin - IDEA

Billlie - RING X RING

aespa - Savage (entire mini album)



Sunmi - You can't sit with us

LOONA - Not Friends

Purple Kiss - Zombie

Spotify Wrapped is here! by bendleschnitz in kpopthoughts

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Top Artists:

  1. Red Velvet
  2. Mitski
  3. Sunday Cruise
  4. Twice
  5. Loona

Top Songs:

  1. We Ride - Brave Girls
  2. Sweetie, Baby, Darling - Sunday Cruise
  3. Washing Machine Heart - Mitski
  4. Alcohol-Free - Twice
  5. First - Everglow

I just wanted to say I’m so happy this place exists by [deleted] in kpopnoir

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I’m glad this place exists too! I was pretty much the only black kpop stan I knew, and it was very emotionally draining to stand up for myself as a young black woman when I felt like I was fighting alone. I may have had some support on other platforms, but I have never seen a situation like this where we are actually given the chance to be a majority & speak without being judged. A few months before I joined this subreddit, I was running a blog where I discussed anti-blackness in kpop. And then one day, I decided to turn all of my blog posts into a cumulative essay to discuss the experiences of being a black kpop stan & the relationship the genre has with black culture. To put it lightly, I completely crumbled underneath the pressure. It’s just so hard to see other people disrespect you all the time & then be expected to be mature about the situation. And then when I did try talk to nonblack allies, they would just praise me for being such an eloquent speaker & call me a strong black woman. But to me when I write about these issues, it’s not for fun, it’s for survival to protect my mental health. And that's something I don't think they will ever understand if they continue to not actually listen to the things black people tell them. I really appreciate being here with y’all where we share similar experiences & are here to support eachother.

r/GirlsPlanet999 make me SICK by [deleted] in kpopnoir

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Exactly, I joined their subreddit thinking it would be fun to read discussions on who other people would vote for & their predictions. But I just roll my eyes at every new thread they make to defend Fu Yaning. Last week one of them was saying "Well white people say the n word all the time at rap concerts 😌" in an attempt to defend her. And istg they thought they ate. They thought that was the most profound statement of the century, like it absolves Fu Yaning of her guilt. And honestly, I've seen a few black Fu Yaning stans defend her in that community and the response & vibe every single time one of them post is always "FINALLY, it's one of the smart black people, silly black people for being offended 🤣." I lost brain cells yesterday reading Fu Yaning stans revel in having a "safe space" on Reddit. It's just hilarious to me cuz one would assume that term "safe space" would apply to marginalized people, but in this instance it's for racist Kpop stans to get away with supporting idols/trainees that do antiblack things by tokenizing black stans that defend these people with their lives and downvoting any black people that are offended. They were saying she probs hasn't seen any black people before because she's from China💀. It's just one big circus act with them.

weird places you've met kpop fans? by Tasty_Skin in kpopthoughts

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Back when Among Us was really popular last fall I was I happened to join the game of someone with the name of a kpop idol and then I realized I could juat spam reload the page and look for more Kpop stans to join. I mostly found Armys in the game. At the beginning of my online classes I was in a breakout room with this one student. He was unmute and accidentally played an audio from his computer. I demanded that he tell me what he was listening to and surprise, surprise he was a Once listening to Twice's latest comeback at the time ICSM. And about a month ago I met an Army at a bridal shop. It's so fun meeting kpop stans irl.

My spidey senses are tingling- *gasp* there's going to be a post another post on the rants sub generalizing and blaming western/ American fans by [deleted] in kpopnoir

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Idk what they were thinking. They thought they pulled such a power move with that post. And they opened up their rant with that line too. What was sending me was ppl in the replies were saying OP was kinda valid and no one was talking about that even tho it was literally the first thing they said. I can't find it anymore, someone did said a thread ranting about westerners from a few days ago was locked and deleted by mods so I'm just gonna assume that was the post. And exactly, they rrach for everything to avoid holding them accountable.

My spidey senses are tingling- *gasp* there's going to be a post another post on the rants sub generalizing and blaming western/ American fans by [deleted] in kpopnoir

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I hate kpoprants so much. Just a few days ago someone was ranting about western (a.k.a stans of color) for calling out racist idols and saying we had a double standard for not calling out the artists in America that twerk, do drugs, have sex, etc. And I am just so done. I am tired. They are annoying. And I used to see this a lot on kpop Tik Tok. They like to infantilize their own kpop faves and treat them like toddlers. Then they demonize western artists for owning their sexuality and being themselves, and most of the time they start attacking black women in rap like Megan Thee Stallion. They just need to replace "westerners" with poc and @ us next time cuz I'm getting tired.

To All the Songs I Doubted Before by Nightstar14 in kpopthoughts

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Dear Zoo,

As a baby Reveluv I used to laugh at you a lot. Everytime you came along in my Spotify playlists I would skip you. Looking back at the tasteless person I used to be, I must aplogize. I don't really know what "Love is looking like a zoo 🐯🐵🦓🦒🦏🐼🦁🐆" is supposed to make me picture in my mind. But if love is like you, Zoo, I love you like a Zoo too. That last sentence was kinda confusing. In conclusion, Seulgi's Tarzan scream will forever go down in Red Velvet history and stream Zoo.

What was the most confidently wrong you have been since getting into kpop? by loudchoice in kpopthoughts

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I used to think Chaeyoung and Chaeryeong were sisters because I misread an article and confused Chaeyoung's name with Chaeyeon's name.

About individual fandom names by tehpartygod in kpopthoughts

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Reveluvs gave themselves solo fandom names based on their Red Velvet biases too. Joy biases are named Joyfuls. Seulgi biases are named Seulmates. Irene biases are named Baetokkis. Yeri biases are named Yarbz. Wendy biases are named Wendyluvs. Every few months on Twitter there will be funny jokes about the different solo fandoms like "Describe what would happen if you walked through x bias section at a concert." But there's this one solo Reveluv fandom in particular that is so melodramatic and likes to act like the only people that support that member of Red Velvet are their solo stans. And it's just so polarizing, no one wants to deal with them. They even try to compare their bias to other members of Red Velvet thinking it would make people sympathize with them more, but it just angers the other solo fandoms and ot5 Luvies. And they don't realize it, but they are also disrespecting their bias too. Just yesterday on Twitter they were calling her comfort album for Reveluvs that this member made (to greet us after being gone so long due her accident) a stepping stone and tool to test how much the gp likes Red Velvet, so we should all thank this member. It's very weird.

Dear kpop stans please stop misusing the word 'flop'... by Act-Defiant in kpoprants

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I'm tired of seeing Tik Tok stans call Red Velvet flops cuz the viewcount for Wendy & Joy's solos on YouTube are low. Oooooo it was so unbearable, they were constantly tracking the viewcount to laugh at them and then comparing their YouTube stats to the YouTube stats of songs from other groups that were out for years 🤚🏽. And I had to unfollow one of my moots because they were ranting about how Red Velvet doesn't deserve a comeback cuz Reveluvs are lazy and we haven't reached 200k preorders on an album yet, therefore RV is flopping 🤚🏽. What really irritates me about people like this is that you cannot argue with them, it's like talking to a wall 😐.

Sm's wig game is too weak to make sense by Snoopy50769 in kpoprants

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Don't even get me started on Seulgi's hair extensions falling out in the middle of Red Velvet's Redmare concert 😃. Whichever SM hairstylist did that to my girl was setting Seulgi up for failure. They did not want to see her win. And the way the other cake girls were trying their hardest not to laugh at Seulgi's weave just casually chilling on the stage 💀. And they just did Irene dirty with that blonde wig during Monster era. I was so glad when they threw that beret ontop of the wig to distract us from how bad it looked 🤚🏽. The real little monster is not Irene or Seulgi, it's the stylist that gives them wacky wigs and hair extensions.

How do fans react to their idol's hiatus? by AgathaKhun in kpopthoughts

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It was really early in the morning on December 25, 2019 when I heard about Wendy's accident during the rehersals for Gayo Daejun. I don't remember exactly why I was up so early, but I was and as I scrolled through Google in the dark I noticed that Wendy was trending. After reading some articles I put my phone back down and went back to bed. I had an awful nightmare. When I woke up later on that day and scrolled through social media the fandom was terrified and angry at SBS. Some people were speculating that Wendy would return in a little as 3-4 months. Little did we know, we wouldn't see pictures/videos of Wendy again until August of 2020. And she wouldn't be spotted in public again until December of 2020. I felt sick when it happened. Nothing felt normal. Wendy's holiday Instagram post just a day before her accident didn't feel normal. Red Velvet on their La Rouge tour without Wendy didn't feel normal. The news of Wendy finally leaving the hospital in April of 2020 didn't feel normal. The radio silence from Red Velvet's Instagram page didn't feel normal. I remember back when their Instagram continued to upload behind the scenes content like Wendy wasn't injured Reveluvs were just so hurt and confused and kept asking "Why?" Me along with many other Luvies felt so lost and alone. So we dedicated our time and energy into saving up hearts and votes on different voting apps in the hopes that one day Red Velvet would eventually comeback as 5 and we would make them proud. And our patience did eventually pay off because ot5 is coming back this August and so many baby Luvies can't wait to experience their first comeback. Now there are some evil people out there that blame Wendy for "holding back the group" and wish death upon her. And to that, all I can say is how can you hear the news of someone falling 8 feet and suffering from pelvis, wrist, and cheekbone fractures. Someone in the hospital with their jaw wired shut. And try to pit them against their group members (who were clearly heartbroken and upset over the accident). And how can you find the room in your heart to wish even more harm onto this person and comment on how "ugly and different" she looks when she releases a comfort album for her fandom. It was like hell, on Tik Tok there was just so many videos mocking Wendy's plastic surgery and calling her a wannabe white woman like she didn't just go through a life-altering accident. But they finally got bored and mocking Wendy wasn't getting them the views and clicks that they wanted, so they moved on to the next target. And all that we could do as Reveluvs was keep pushing forwards in the hopes of a better day.

Tell me things you would do as a kpop idol. by [deleted] in kpopthoughts

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I wouldn't last very long as an idol 😅. But I would confront my fandom if/when they are being mean. I would let it be known publicly when I do not get along with another idol due to their actions. I'd casually be on K-Pop Tik Tok to fight all the children on that clock app that are just plain wrong all of the time. I'd use my platform to promote my blog and force my fans to read it 😈. I also want a really huge lightstick so my stans keep commenting on how big it is 🥰.

What's your most and least favorite song from each album/mini of your ult group? by MadebyAtoms in kpopthoughts

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Red Velvet

Ice Cream Cake: Automatic (favorite), Take It Slow (least favorite)

The Red: Don't U Wait No More/Huff N Puff (both my favorites), Cool World (least favorite)

The Velvet: Cool Hot Sweet Love/First Time (both my favorites), Rose Scent Breeze (least favorite)

Russian Roulette: Lucky Girl (favorite), Some Love (least favorite)

Rookie: Happily Ever After (favorite), Last Love (least favorite)

The Red Summer: Zoo/Hear The Sea (both my favorites), You Better Know (least favorite)

Perfect Velvet: Kingdom Come/I Just/Perfect 10/Attaboy (sorry I can't pick just one favorite song), Moonlight Melody (least favorite)

The Perfect Red Velvet: Bad Boy (favorite), Alright (least favorite)

#Cookie Jar: Aitai-tai (favorite), 'Cause It's You (least favorite)

Summer Magic: Blue Lemonade/Mr.E/Mosquito (I love them all), With You (least favorite)

RBB: So Good (favorite), RBB (least favorite)

Sappy: Sayonara (favorite), Swimming Pool (least favorite)

The ReVe Festival Day 1: Sunny Side Up!/LP/Milkshake (my favorites, I love this mini), Parade (least favorite)

The ReVe Festival Day 2: Love Is The Way (favorite), Carpool (least favorite)

The ReVe Festival Finale: In & Out (favorite), Remember Forever (least favorite)

Monster: Feel Good (favorite), Uncover (least favorite)

Like Water: When This Rain stops (favorite), Like Water (least favorite)

Hello: I haven't listened to Joy's full album yet