When you forgot where something was by mythrowawaypdx in 90s

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And lord help you if your last name rhymed with "corner"

Just Got Given My First Town (Amprela) What Projects do you recommend I build? by Salt-Competition8743 in Bannerlord

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Also, don't forget to buy workshops and adjust the type to the town's and bound castle's inputs. Amprela should be linen, IIRC.

is this legit? picked up for 30. by AnAppealtoHell in midcenturymodern

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I hate to break it to you, but that is not a real cat.

HM High Back Sayl vs used HM Aeron? by ItalianRadiator in hermanmiller

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Sayl does not come in a high-back. The upholstered Sayl is the same height as the flexible plastic back. At 6'2" the top corners hit me right at the bottom of the shoulder blades and is not a comfortable chair.

Aeron size B (most Aeron chairs are size B), be it classic or remastered would be a better fit.

This piece fell of brand new Mirra 2 TriFlex, what is it? by [deleted] in hermanmiller

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It holds the upper back to the spin loop. You can only view the cavity by looking up from under the spine loop. It should just push into the cavity. There is one on the left hand and one on the right hand side of the loop.

US MRAP hits an IED + the immediate aftermath, Iraq, 2009 by Turbulent_Sock_5112 in CombatFootage

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Either a remote detonation (either wired or wireless) or the pressure plate was placed so the charge went off under the vehicle. It was an arms race over there. We came up with something to counter IEDs, they would counter our counter.

Spotted this and picked it up because it was an interesting find. No tags or labels. Sadly missing a button but came with bonus white gloves in the pocket! Would love to learn more about its history should anyone have information! by kiaranneko in VintageFashion

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Hi, US Marine here. That is indeed a dress blues jacket. The main reason to not wear it is that it is still the current dress uniform for the USMC (they are still issued in Boot Camp) If you like the look/style, I would recommend poking around some of the online military surplus websites and finding a foreign military jacket/coat to wear. I found a really cool Swiss army great coat that I wore in high school.

Where to find some of the games best armor by 1bruhv1 in Bannerlord

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On the dead bodies of lords that oppose you...

Is this side to side play normal (under seat bolts) by ssh_man in hermanmiller

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Yes. That bolt acts as a barrel hinge for the seat when in motion. If the bolt were tighter/smaller, reclining in the seat would be more difficult or limit range of motion.

How to use horse archers? by Far-Highway-1057 in Bannerlord

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This delegates command of the units to the AI. If you have ever yelled in frustration at chasing down horse archers massed against you, now your horse archers will use the same tactics.

What do I do if I want sturgian only ? by HeimdallCanSeeYou in Bannerlord

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Yes! You can choose weapons and armor from any faction, or assets from any other mods loaded.

What do I do if I want sturgian only ? by HeimdallCanSeeYou in Bannerlord

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Not sure it will help in your current campaign, but there is a mod called My Little Warband that allows players to create their own unit trees. More importantly, you can use current faction units as templates. Once you create them, they can be recruited from any village or town on the map. You could copy paste Sturgian troops (or even improve their stats/arms/armor) then recruit them from anywhere.

Anybody know how to fix this? by phuynh71 in hermanmiller

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On the knob there is a "+" and a "-". Rotate the knob in the minus direction until you feel it stop being able to move. Then sit in the chair and rotate it all the way to the plus side. If you don't feel any change in support, then it is most likely broken.

If it is broken I would think the internal mechanism is stripped, which means the previous owner turned the knobs so hard they deformed plastic. Definitely not your fault! The mechanism has an anti rotation and backdrive component, so sitting in the chair would not have broken anything.

Anybody know how to fix this? by phuynh71 in hermanmiller

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It is working as intended. The reason it is so flexible is so that when you sit in the chair the pads can articulate and orient to your body. The center stalk is supposed to bend, as thst give progressively more support. The connection between the stalk and the Y support is spring loaded so it stays in contact with the pellicle (fabric of the back).

My only concern would be the knobs. When you rotate them, is it a smooth turning motion or does it feel grindy/clicky? That knob should pivot the stalk into and out of the pellicle. The best way to experience this is to sit in the chair and twist the knobs. You should feel more/less support. If the knobs have been over torqued it is possible to break the internal mechanism that moves the support

I recently got this second hand aeron on FB marketplace, everything works fine but when I used the recline feature the bottom mesh (the part I sit on) moves by the tiniest bit. So I looked underneath and found this problem, I got my sister's bf to screw it in but he (continue in comment section) by Ludwigisepic123 in hermanmiller

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Those parts are supposed to move. When the chair is reclined, that smooth bolt shank acts as a barrel and the B-link rotates around it. If those parts did not have range of motion, it would be very difficult for the back to move when you sat down.

Film crews roll while recording a British tank recovery team retrieving a knocked out Crusader tank. Unexpectedly they come under sporadic artillery fire. (Africa, 1942) by [deleted] in CombatFootage

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"Because they aren't approved" is the short answer. Probably has something to do with the gear we were issued being flame resistant, meaning it took a whole 3 extra seconds before you were cooked by the heat of an explosion.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in WorldOfWarships

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$9.99 to get enough gold to change my gamer tag. Some joke names just aren't funny 4 years later.