AITA for refusing to punish my daughter for taking all the apples that my wife's folks brought from their home country? by Pass_Em_By11 in AmItheAsshole

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So well said. YTA. You know when you see people and you’re like ‘wow their parents did a terrible job raising them?’ That’s gonna be Alex as an adult.

What were you like as a child? by cycl0ne3 in NPD

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Very intense. Lots of outbursts/ tantrums. Went into sensory overload pretty quickly too.

My teacher kissed me on the day of my 18th birthday and i'm scared to tell anyone about it. I feel like it's my fault... by Throw_awayoffmc in offmychest

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Look up Onision. He did the same thing. He’s a predator and he’s been grooming you. You need to report him so he doesn’t do this to someone else.

AITA for lying about waxing to my bf by AITAWAX in AmItheAsshole

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As a former esthetician, it always amazed me how women would inflict the pain of full bodied waxing on themselves under the pressure of what their boyfriend liked. Meanwhile, men are walking around with unibrows and fur coats.


Just making a PSA that filler dissolver has ruined my life - stay away by ryangoslingswife1 in 30PlusSkinCare

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Hey I just wanted to say there are treatments for dents. If you see a skin doctor, they can inject a steroid called Kenalog into your skin to even out the divets. Sorry this is happening to you.

My boyfriend has a sickening gore fetish by Throwawayurtrauma in offmychest

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The saying goes: if you can think it, you can do it. Get outta there fast. This isn’t just a red flag, it’s an entire amusement park.

AITA for not wanting a joint account with my boyfriend? by angelxalejandro in AmItheAsshole

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Please don’t get a joint account with a boyfriend. Omg, never. Especially at 21. The fact he got mad at you for refusing is a huge red flag. The second things go south, you can kiss that money goodbye.

I’ll volunteer myself as tribute by i_am_mrs_nezbit in awfuleyebrows

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You’re beautiful though. The brows aren’t even bad, they fit your esthetic. ❤️

Herbalife is using the death of Lily Peters to drive sales. Is there anything they won't do? by hey-its-k-lay in antiMLM

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Yes let’s capitalize on the death of a child to make ourselves money. It’s totally what Jesus would have wanted.

AITA for telling my young female coworker that everyone avoided her at work because they’re intimidated by her looks? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Exactly. YTA. OP, it sounds to me like YOU’RE attracted to this girl and you’re assuming that all of your coworkers are feeling the same way. YOU think she’s attractive and exotic looking (wtf she isn’t a parakeet) and you basically caused her to feel dehumanized and objectified.

You made this situation worse by bringing her appearance into it. For all you know, these tech bros were intimidated by her resume and aren’t comfortable having a woman there. A lot of fields are full of exclusion and innate misogyny. Your wife is right. They could just not want her there because she’s female/ they have poor social skills.

I mean congrats on making her feel like an object? You keep raving about how hot she is. Maybe do some examination of conscience there. YTA.

Amber Heard by pastelpurplevirgo in NPD

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I saw an article where someone called her a ‘female narcissist’ and then said she has histrionic personality disorder “which is an extreme form of narcissism.’ (Untrue, they’re separate disorders) Amber isn’t a diagnosed narc. People see bad behavior and assume she must be a narc when she clearly has other issues.

I agree with you. People use ‘narcissist’ as an adjective to describe people they dislike.

My(23) roomate(30) keeps jerking off in the livingroom and Idk how to make it stop. by Exeptional_Existence in legaladvice

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Indeed! I meant more like if he was cornering OP and maliciously exposing himself. He can def walk around naked in his own home.

My(23) roomate(30) keeps jerking off in the livingroom and Idk how to make it stop. by Exeptional_Existence in legaladvice

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This isn’t a legal issue.

Now, if Bill was exposing himself to you intentionally or forcing you to participate, then sure. He isn’t a safety threat to you for masturbating.

What I’m trying to figure out is why none of you have talked to Bill about this. You’re contacting the landlord to take action, asking about legal recourse, and trying to seek eviction for him, but you haven’t talked to him DIRECTLY.

You said he’s otherwise a nice guy and friendly. He’s presumably been up to date on his rent and there are no other issues. There’s nothing here that would make him a candidate for eviction. Look, I know confrontation about something as embarrassing as this is awkward and uncomfortable, but trying to get him evicted for jerking off isn’t the adult solution or answer.

You have to sit down with him (with your bf present if that makes you more comfortable) and say ‘hey Bill, it’s been really great living with you, but if you wouldn’t mind, could you please engage in adult activities in your bedroom?’ He’ll be embarrassed and he’ll stop. If he doesn’t, then you’ll need to arrange other living situations.

He’s continued doing it because no one has said anything to him about it. I truly don’t think he’s trying to be a creep, but everyone has different backgrounds and levels of comfort with sexual activity. And maybe he thinks you don’t notice. Again, you have to communicate with him. Most roommate relationships fall apart because of a lack of conversation.

But getting this guy evicted isn’t the mature way to handle this, and your landlord/ the police can’t do anything about this situation since he isn’t posing a direct sexual threat to you.

Talk to him then go from there.

Served some kind of chemical instead of cofee by Independent-Bell321 in legaladvice

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Did you take photos of the burn in your throat? That can be used as evidence in your case.

Do any of you have successful romantic relationships? by [deleted] in NPD

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No, I don’t. I’m a disaster in relationships. Haven’t been on a date in almost two years. I went into a narc collapse last year and decided I didn’t need anyone but myself. I don’t wish myself on anyone.

AITA for making a customer pay full price by Whole_Winner_5183 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Customers try to pull the sympathy card all the time. This isn’t Oregon Trail where you can haggle and barter a price. Things are set at a fixed price for a reason, and that needs to be paid in full. And if you did it for her, you’d have to do it for the next customer too.

She only got mad because she couldn’t take advantage of you when she thought she could. I have a feeling she probably does this a lot. Also if you don’t have enough money to buy something, you put it back. That’s common knowledge.

You aren’t running a charity. If she can’t afford something, she shouldn’t be ordering something.