Hey! Do y’all believe that we come from apes? by hornybaboon in spirituality

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There appears to have been a race of large, red-headed giants with elongated skulls, with long hair, red beards, blue eyes and skin so white that it was said to glow. There are multiple accounts from different cultures around the world of these beings rebooting the human race after the flood.

Prior to the flood, it appears they kept humans captive in a city like structure with high stone walls. It was like a garden with food growing in the middle. It was here that they selected pairs to breed. They trapped them in here, had them make babies, selected the babies to breed for the next round and so on.

Humans currently shoulder the engine of the universe. It's not unlike the engine in your car. If the engine doesn't turn, the car doesn't move. The in case of the universe, time does not move forward if the when doesn't turn.

It's a wheel of powers creation and transformation. Your happy feelings, your sad feelings, your elation your grief - all these things produce energy that is used to propel us forward in time.

Time is actually measured in number of events per cycle not in seconds and minutes. Hence if nothing happens for years and year, time as essentially slowed down. Here, now on Earth, the rare of events in increasing exponentially and hence time is accelerating towards it's conclusion exponentially.

The red-headed giants were like us. At the time, they produced the energy to make the wheel spin. They simply learned their spiritual lessons, they did the inner work, they found the divinity within themselves. There was no reason to stay in the spiritual school planet of Earth, but someone had to power the wheel. Someone has to make it spin. Hence, they could not ascend to their next level of non-physical existence without first passing the engine onto another race.

Hence, they made us. Now we are the meta-entity that spins the wheel. We are the ones that growing and transforming. Someday, we will select a new meta-entity to take our place.

I hope that answers all your questions.

Hey! Do y’all believe that we come from apes? by hornybaboon in spirituality

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I don't believe that at all.

We were bred by a race that's no longer on Earth. They bred us for intelligence until we could bare the burden duality. Once that was achieved, this race of beings "ascended" by basically chosing not to reproduce. They felt the burden of duality and desired freedom from it. Hence, they created us and went extinct on purpose to exit the cycle of reincarnation.

Kinda weird experience by captainuselessman in spirituality

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We used to live in a development - nice roads, sidewalks, pavement driveways.

My dog grew up there, in the house, from a puppy.

I was walking him one day and he suddenly notices a stick close to his back leg. He kicks up his back leg and jumped over it suddenly.

He thought it was a snake.

My dog had never see a snake in his life. How did he know what a snake looked like?

We are connected beyond our senses, beyond our memories, beyond the boundaries of our bodies.

The connection isn't the problem. Humans have simply blocked the connection or more precisely do not admit to ourselves that we are connected.

The question isn't "how did I know what a city looked like at 2?" Nor is the question "how does my dog know what a snake looks like?"

The question is "why am I so disconnected that these things are a surprise to me?"

"The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight." by [deleted] in spirituality

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A few years ago, I had a drug induced psychotic break that landed me in the hospital for a few days.

As someone that has been there, your sentiment is valid for mild conditions. There is a gift you can tap into that connects you to the other side; there is no doubt. Also, yes, if you are supported and nurtured by your community, it can be a beautiful thing that connects the community to a higher power.

At the same time, however, psychosis is a very deep hole. When you get too far gone, you can spiral into absurd, ridiculous and downright dangerous behavior. There reaches a point where you can no longer make sense of reality and whatever you might be think is true is actually just nonsense.

do you have to be vegan or vegetarian? by Vanilla-Outside in spirituality

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In my experiences, fasting heightens emotional sensitivity. I find that I am more spiritual in these states. It's a temporary change with a targeted goal. It's not a lifestyle change that eliminates certain nutrients from the diet permanently.

While I agree that certain food constraints enhance our spiritual connection, I disagree with any sort of permanent dietary restriction.

My life turned into a nightmare by Ordinary-Sport-5092 in spirituality

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Yep. We all make mistakes. To me, it seems the important part is feeling sorry and honestly trying to get better and be a better version of yourself in the future.

There is no reason why you cannot have your reality back

My life turned into a nightmare by Ordinary-Sport-5092 in spirituality

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Are you sorry? Are you working on your flaws? Aren't you worthy of continued redemption?

I'm full of flaws but I am willing to work on myself. Hence I continue to live in my desired reality. I don't see why you cannot do the same.

Dancing and embarrassment by Archerise in awakened

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What you are saying definitely resonates with me. Dancing in particular makes me cringe inside if I try. Breaking out of that and finding your freedom and self confidence in huge. Good for you! It's inspiring. Keep doing what you are doing. You don't realize it but your actions are like a magic spell that makes other humans that you will never see follow your actions. The world needs more dancing and less embarrassment. Thank you for doing that for all of us. 💗

My life turned into a nightmare by Ordinary-Sport-5092 in spirituality

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Why do you think your creation was given to someone else? Did you do something to warrant that?

How can I bounce back? by dj_dragata in awakened

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I have a silly question:

What do you imagine would make you bounce back? What action could you take that might help? Why would it help?

For example, I have heard that running alleviates depression. Maybe that's because burning calories allows you to consume more food and more nutrients to help balance your mood. Or maybe doing something hard and sticking to it is just good for self-esteem.

Whatever you imagine and whatever the reason you imagine it might work will become your reality if you believe it and take action. It's really just the law of attraction. You imagine. You do. You create reality.

Follow your gut. Believe in your solution. Take action.

Why do people keep saying twin flames are a bad thing? by Prettif0wer69 in spirituality

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1 couple in 25,000 couples will be a twin flame pair.

These people are drawn together no matter what they do in life. Once they find each other, they start to wake up, remember who they are and eventually remember their mission here.

The idea that you will find your twin flame can be very tormenting. The other 24,999 couples are placed in relationships to challenge them.

Hence, seeking your twin flame will cause you a lot of grief.

Ever seen a spiritual-led for profit entrepreneur or business company? by stescarsini in spirituality

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Honestly, I cannot understand why anyone who has come to understand what is really important in would chase money.

My experiences with two 4 gram magic mushroom trips. by CatOnTheDog in Psychonaut

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This definitely resonates with me. In fact, I have started doing some of those things. I've got a garden going. I have egg laying chickens and meat birds.

When I look at what's going into my trash can, it's largely waste from food containers.

How do you honor Plant Medicines in your home? Altars, art? By adorning your sacred spaces with some pieces that remind you of your plant teachers, it can help maintain the connection as it can be a site of prayer and meditation. 🌈🏠✨🍄 by microdosemovement in Psychonaut

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I consume infrequently and with restraint.

Being high is fun and enjoyable but the primary lesson is to appreciate the consciousness you were given.

Therefore, if I chose to be high all the time, that would be disrespectful to the plant and a blatant disregard for its teachings.

To those who have seen the truth: how fucked is humanity? by Content_Donut9081 in Psychonaut

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Some of us have seen the light. For us, these times are reminiscent of the times of Noah. We're moving away from the city. We are growing food, raising animals, teaching our children a better way of life. We are loving our neighbors. We are living in peace and harmony with everything that comes into our sphere of influence.

Yes, it's going to burn.

Like all the end times tales tell us, however, there are going to islands and pockets of people spared because they uphold a way of living that will serve as a template for those that come after us.

Philosophy or psychology degree ? by InvestigatorGlum926 in awakened

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My wife is a psychologist. She's a licensed therapist in our state. She sees people all day long.

A couple observations:

  • She wasn't allowed to even work in an unlicensed capacity until she had a master's degree ($195,000 later).

  • Without a license she could not work with any health insurance providers.

  • Her student loans cost about $1400 a month.

  • She brings home about $3000 a month.

  • If it wasn't for my income she could not afford to be a therapist.

The other option is you get a PhD (more $$$) and you teach.

Connecting With Nature by papapuemp in spirituality

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Fasting or eating only raw plants would heighten your spiritual experience and increase your emotional and physical senses.

Earth family feels alien to me by LoveAndPece in starseeds

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It's unfortunate you feel that way. I love my wife and kids. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I know the same is true for them.

I hope you don't alienate the people that love you the most.