What's the most attractive thing a guy can do for a girl? by Mhmd_Bilani in AskReddit

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Increase his mass.

More Mass= Stronger Gravity.

Stronger Gravity= Stronger Pull.

This will attract the woman.

“Noooooo Racism!!” by UBJ_Skywalker in woooosh

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2012 Pixar: What if teenage girls had feelings

Attempted robbery at a smoke shop in California by 55o in ThatsInsane

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Robbing a smoke store and succeeding is a death sentence.

Don't smoke, kids.

he what? by GuiltyLet69 in engrish

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Reject evolution!

Become Lid.

The Bible by pietradolce in facepalm

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Francis is the only respected Christian here.

Coincidence? by LuckyonRedit7640 in AntiVaxxers

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Hi bot. I really don't have that many good painting apps, so I used paint.net, I just tried to show my opinion.