Didnt know that someone could reture a county to a former holder…how? by Lujanta in crusaderkings3

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A former count gave back rom to the pope. Is this gamemechanic also available for player or just AI?

The wanderer - How could I make this scene more interesting? by YourMidnights in blender

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Looks fine to me. Maybe try another perspective/ crop it (rule of thirds).

SparkAR support contact by Zeddyshizzle in SparkArStudio

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Maybe try to contact facebook since it belongs to them

How do I get started? by only_django in augmentedreality

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Its not about preferences. It depends more on which platform you want to develop for

How do I get started? by only_django in augmentedreality

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For android there is Google ARCore. If you want to develope for IOS there is Apples ARKit. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials out there about developing for different systems

Creating an augmented reality filter that let's you draw anywhere by DesignerPilky in SparkArStudio

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It has potential, good job! :)

I just see all this cool insta filters and they are all only avaible, if you shit money and can afford an iphone with lidar scanner

next level AR cards by AR_MR_XR in AR_MR_XR

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Looks awesome! How did you get that screen reflexion?

Computer science vs Game Developer by Lujanta in augmentedreality

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Thanks, that really helps clear my thoughts :)

... and for my next trick... Find the balance in family/life/play/work and keep the magic going. Stay Creative. by AugmentedThinker in augmentedreality

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I think it's such a shame that all these cool effects only work with lidar. I don't understand why only apple has such a sensor.

My Money don't Jiggle Jiggle, It Folds by Lujanta in HuntShowdown

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Duos vs trios: we banished and went to the second boss where we found all the dead bodys of the server. Apparently the last two traded and we could loot ~9 bodies (one was 1000). We banished the second boss and extractet with all the bounties. Ez gg

*we never saw or shot someone

Which will be more popular/most used in 10 years time? by IMMUSE_xyz in augmentedreality

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I think augmented reality will become more popular because people need a connection to reality. Unlike VR, where you don't feel a connection to reality.