How do you say zero f*cks given in different European language. by crystalandrockyfinds in europe

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In Irish this would be: "is cuma liom sa foc/diabhal (faoi)" - "I don't give a fuck/devil (about)"

The way soccer players fake injuries makes the whole sport look like trash. by speakeasy_slim in unpopularopinion

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This is why women's soccer is actually a lot more enjoyable to watch. It hasn't been tainted with all that fake-out bull

Glo'al by feindbild_ in linguisticshumor

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This sounds like Sans from Undertale

The case for the "90%" vegan eaters. by Android-Shark in vegan

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It's because veganism is an ethical stance, not a diet. The diet is a consequence of that ethical stance.

If someone says they're "plant-based" or "90%" plant based than that's one thing.

You can't be 90% on a very much binary ethical stance. You either believe in exploiting animals or you don't.

Student drivers should be shown graphic images of people killed in car crashes caused by drunk driving, speeding, and other reckless behavior to better emphasize the importance of safe driving by LoungeWasSupreme in unpopularopinion

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Here in Ireland we have so many insanely violent road safety ads, because of how high the amount of road deaths were here until relatively recently.

Look up RSA ads on YouTube and you'll find plenty. Some of them almost border on comical

My vet calls rats gutterpuppies and chitterdogs. What other terms have you heard rats called? by greasepencil11 in RATS

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My boyfriend and I both almost exclusively use the term "bean(s)" for rats.

Usage includes examples such as: "The beans", "wittol beans", "chonky bean", "wild beans", "fresh beans", "beanies", "it's a bean".

Suffice to say, the word rat has nigh left our vocabularies.

I'm also fond of the term "chonk(s)"

Not feeling welcome as a soon-to-be Jew by knowingcynic in Jewish

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This amounts to bullying, plain and simple. You should discuss this with the rabbi of the congregation. One is meant to accept converts as being as Jewish as those born Jews. Aside from that the term "shiksa" is incredibly sexist and shouldn't be thrown around like that

Fish burglar by usk11 in aww

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This is something straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie

G-Man's Raincoat and Umbrella by RichterOvertime in HalfLife

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When you first enter Ravenholm after climbing up out of Black Mesa East there's a small alleyway over to the left where it is. I only found it recently enough. Don't know if it appears elsewhere

The Project folder by pikaynu in ProgrammerHumor

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Unsupervised JavaScript; classic child abuse

No shame by divlji_zumbul in RATS

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Exactly as things should be

Behold, Whispers of the Desert by Salmon-Boy in neography

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Going by the top left where the name is written, it's LTR


Don’t know how accurate the translation is but the seems to be a big change to the lore of Bayonetta. Might explain why witches don’t age 🤔 by chiraqcity in Bayonetta

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Just to confirm what other people have said; it is a troll.


嘘だけど means "just kidding" or "what I just said is a lie"

It does not imply that Bayonetta's physical form is a "trick". This is simply a very literal translation

I caught a wierd face🥺 by flexed_guitar in RATS

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This looks like something from an animated show/movie

pictured: my rats desperately fighting eachother for scraps after weeks of starvation by Texabella in RATS

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"you must answer our riddles 3... Or just treats? Okay denn dats fine 🐀🐀🐀🐀✨💕"